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  • Cameo Blue & Subtle Green
  • Dusty Blue & Silver Lining
  • Gardenia & Alabaster Gleam
  • Golden Nugget & Nugget
  • Moonlight & Frappe
  • Willow Bough & Bright Chartreuse
  • Pin It
  • HR04 - Heritage

  • The heritage collection is a beautiful casual hand knotted range of rugs with a soft wool ground and art silk motifs. each piece is skillfully overdyed to create a vintage look and give surface interest. the rugs are uber soft with a sense of antiquity and luxury.

Catalog Code: HR04
Design: Chantilly
Color: Ebony & Cloudburst
Construction: Hand Knotted
Backing: No
Pile Height: 1/4"
Knot Counts: 18 KPSI
Style: Transitional
Content: 60% Wool 40% Art Silk
Origin: India
Pantone TPX: 19-4104, 17-1502, 16-0000
(1) your wool + silk and/or art silk rug will look great for year to come with proper care and vacuuming regularly
(2) never saturate or soak your wool + silk/art silk rug with water – this will damage the silk fibers
and potentially your floors
(3) use only cold water if necessary to avoid shrinkage
(4) if spills occur blot immediately then with mild soap and cold water
(5) do not use oxygen cleaners on your wool or silk fibers
(6) for best results
periodic professional cleaning is recommended and encouraged to protect silk fibers.
Freight charges are calculated by number of items,weight and square footage per shipment. Please call Customer Service for quotes.
2x3 5 or more Available
5x8 5 or more Available
8x11 High Sellout Risk Available
9x13 High Sellout Risk Available
  • HR00-Heritage

    HR00 - Heritage

  • HR01-Heritage

    HR01 - Heritage

  • HR02-Heritage

    HR02 - Heritage

  • HR03-Heritage

    HR03 - Heritage

  • HR04-Heritage

    HR04 - Heritage

  • HR05-Heritage

    HR05 - Heritage

  • HR06-Heritage

    HR06 - Heritage

  • HR07-Heritage

    HR07 - Heritage

  • HR08-Heritage

    HR08 - Heritage

  • HR09-Heritage

    HR09 - Heritage

  • HR10-Heritage

    HR10 - Heritage

  • HR12-Heritage

    HR12 - Heritage

  • HR13-Heritage

    HR13 - Heritage

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