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London Craft Week

Discover the unique fusion of global craftsmanship and traditional Indian artistry in our “Woven Gems” collection, a collaboration with legendary silversmith Late Jocelyn Burton. Witness the launch of our latest collection of stunning handcrafted silk rugs at London Craft Week. Experience the exquisite artistry and passion that goes into each rug we create, showcasing our love for art and culture through tradition and innovation. Be captivated by this magnificent celebration of creativity, innovation, and tradition with Jaipur Rugs.

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Woven Gems

Presenting our latest collection - Woven Gems - a creation inspired by the timeless, iconic work of legendary silversmith, Jocelyn Burton. It is a showcase of creativity, talent, and inspiration. Crafted from 100% pure silk, by over 30 artists, each rug has been meticulously created over a period of 60 days, using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

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Free Verse

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Jaipur rugs

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