Color : rose petal/swamp green


Item Code: RUG1151169

AED 42,660

(Inclusive of all taxes)

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  • 60%-wool yarn,10%-cotton yarn,30%-bamboo silk yarn
  • les-1713 - rose petal / swamp green
  • modern
  • hand knotted

Achrol Kile Ka Raasta
Surrounded by the serene beauty of mountains and the lost history, Foolwati lives on the hills of Achrol, from where she weaves the adventurous path of Achrol Kila (Achrol Fort), which stands tall on a hill visible from her loom. She has never been to the fort but heard many stories about it. She sits on her manchaha loom, and her imagination takes flight. She started by weaving a simple tile pattern of her home. While weaving it, she looked at the fort visible from her loom. There was curiosity in her mind about how can she go to that fort. This question in her mind took her on an adventurous journey while she weaved her imagination. She started weaving a path leading to the old fort. But the path she creates abruptly ends in a mysterious cave. Foolwati has heard stories of a panther living on the hill. She even carries a torch on her manchaha to keep an eye on the panther. The array of red colored yarns add excitement to the whole scenario. The panther appears in front of her, running at light speed. With each stroke of her hand, she brings the panther to life in this hand-crafted rug, capturing its lightning-fast movements in the most mesmerizing leheriya pattern. Though she hasn't physically visited the fort, Foolwati's imagination has granted her a taste of the adventure that awaits atop the hill.

Foolwati Devi

  • DO NOT brush or scrub the rug.
  • Only vacuum clean it periodically. Avoid using vacuum beater brush mode
  • If spills occur, blot immediately. Do not rub the stain.
  • Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
  • Use protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening and piling.
  • If thread comes out do not pull the yarn, trim with scissor.
  • Periodic professional cleaning recommended

  • For in stock products - Free insured door worldwide. Duties and Taxes included
  • Delivery Estimates: 6-12 business days (In some cases custom clearance might take longer)
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