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Kids Rugs

Kids rugs from the collection of Jaipur Rugs will add playful vibes to your child's room. Made from sustainably sourced materials, our range of large children's rugs will keep your child comfortable. With over 1000+ color schemes to choose from, we have area rugs, wool rugs, modern rugs, and childrens bedroom rugs from which you can select the best one for the space.

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kids rugs

How to choose the perfect kids rug for your child’s bedroom

Rugs make everything better. Vibrant rugs can bring life to a dull room. Area rugs make a space feel more comfortable. Silk rugs create a luxurious vibe. Wool rugs make a place cozier. Oriental rugs add a vintage look. This is why most people choose to add rugs to their home decor to transform the look of their home and make it more inviting. From our bedrooms to our living rooms and even our kitchen, each room deserves a rug that elevates its vibe and adds balance. You can choose from the various designs, colours, shapes, sizes, and patterns to bring the perfect rug for different rooms.

While it is easy to select the rug for other areas of your space like the patio or living room, choosing kids rugs for the children’s room can be slightly challenging. From the material to the patterns as well as the pile, we have to keep several factors in mind before purchasing a kids rug. Reason - it is natural for kids to spill food or water, fall on the floor while playing, or use paint colours on the floor.

Kids rugs have thick piles that help prevent injuries in case of a sudden fall. Their tough material resists stains and can withstand heavy footfall. Placing a kids rug will protect your flooring from the wear and tear. Last but not the least, adding a kids rug in your child’s bedroom will make the space look more connected, complete, and aesthetically appealing. Follow this mini guide to choose the perfect kids rugs for your home that will brighten up the room of your little one and prevent accidents.

Shop the best kids rugs online at Jaipur Rugs

If you want to buy good-quality, durable, and affordable kids rugs, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs Australia. From playroom rugs to nursery rugs, we have all kinds of rugs for children's rooms in numerous designs, patterns, colours, and sizes. One of the oldest rug makers and the biggest manufacturers of designer rugs and carpets in Asia, Jaipur rugs are known for producing the best nursery rugs that offer style, comfort, and utility.

You can choose from our wide range of kids rugs and revamp the look of your child's bedroom. We have different kinds of rug materials including wool, cotton, silk, jute, sisal, etc to choose from. You can also get custom rugs made as per the interiors of your kid's bedroom.

Choose from a wide variety of modern, & stylish kids rugs

From cotton rugs with rainbow patterns to wool rugs with stars and moons, there are several styles of kids rugs available in the market. You can also buy a kids rug with numbers and alphabets on it to help your child learn them while they play. If you have a baby girl, you can go for pink rugs with floral patterns that will complement the vibe of your child's room and even match their taste. If you have a baby boy, you can pick a rug with their favorite cartoon characters or cars.

At Jaipur Rugs, we have a unique collection of kids rugs with numerous designs and patterns. From geometric designs to ABC letter patterns, there are ample of different kids rugs to choose from. You can also pick your own design and get a custom rug made for your child’s bedroom.

How to choose the right kids rugs for your home?

By Material

When choosing a kids rug for your child's room, the material plays a crucial role. You should ensure that the rug fiber you are choosing is tough and durable enough to withstand the stains and mess that kids can create. You should also make sure that the rug material is easy to wash and maintain as you might need to wash the rug regularly due to spills. This is why one must choose rug materials like wool,  jute, olefin, and polyester as they are stain-resistant fabric material with a non-slip abrasive nature. However, if you want to make the kids' room look more stylish and comfortable, go for silk rugs.

By Design

The design of the kids rug matters a lot. Apart from practicality, you also have to ensure that the rug design is complementing the interiors of your child's room. Always choose a design that will match with the bed, furniture, walls, and curtain. You can go for playful and floral patterned kids rugs for your baby girl and sporty and gaming patterns for the boys. You will find numerous designs and patterns in the market for kids rugs such as rainbow themed rugs, carpets with marvel characters, shapes, etc.

By Colours

Kids love colours. You will never find a baby that does not like a room full of vibrant and vivid colours. This is why it is always a good idea to go for rugs that have bright, summery colours that can brighten up the look and feel of your kids room. You can go for yellow, green, pink, blue, and multicolour kids rugs to ensure that they add a refreshing look to the room. If you want to buy colourful kids rugs for your child’s space, visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs Australia and choose from hundreds of designs and colours.

By Size

The shape and size of the rug matters a lot, especially when you are choosing a kids rug. If you pick a rug that is extremely small in size, it can make the place look bland and incomplete. And if you choose an extra-large rug that is not fitting into the room decor, it can make the space look compact and congested. Always measure the size of the room before buying a kids rug. You can also go for fun shapes such as oval and rectangular to make the space look more inviting and lively.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for buying kids rugs?

When it comes to choosing children's bedroom rugs, you have to be very careful about the material that you are choosing to ensure that the rug offers safety for your kids. This is why it is very important to buy kids rugs that are stain-resistant, tough, easily washable, and have a thick pile. At Jaipur Rugs, we offer an exclusive range of kids rugs that have been carefully produced keeping in mind the safety, durability, and sustainability needed in kids rugs.

Our collection of children’s rugs is suited for all kinds of rooms and styles. From round children's rugs to large childrens rugs, we have numerous shapes and sizes to choose from. You can be assured that these childrens bedroom rugs will refresh the vibe of your child’s room, reduce the wanted noises, offer comfort, and ensure that your child can take that fall. The rug materials we use are easy to wash and maintain. You can visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs Australia and brighten up the room of your children with our kids rugs.



Are your kids rugs machine washable?

Yes, kids rugs are machine washable. However, only a few materials can be washed in the machine. These include cotton, olefin, nylon, polyester, viscose, and Polypropylene. If you have a kids rug in a natural material like silk or wool, always go for vacuuming, spot cleaning, or other methods. It is never advisable to clean natural rug fibers in a machine barring cotton. If you have a large-sized rug, you can send it to a professional rug cleaner for best results.

What type of rugs are best for kids?

There are different types of rugs for different spaces. For example, outdoor rugs are best suited for the patio or balcony, round rugs for the living room, and shag rugs for the bedroom. This is because outdoor rugs can withstand bad weather conditions and heavy footfalls, round rugs help pull your living room together, and shag rugs add comfort to your bedroom. Similarly, rugs that can handle the mess, are easy to wash, and have a rough material are best for kids. This is why it is a wise idea to go for wool, cotton, jute, or polypropylene rugs as they are not only a safe option but have a tough texture and long-lasting quality.

How do you place a rug in a kids room?

When placing a rug in your kids room, always go for washable materials such as cotton as you can expect food and water spillage regularly. If you want to cover the whole room with a rug to ensure that your kid is not sitting and playing on the floor, place an oversized area rug in the room and let the front legs of your bed and other furniture sit on it. If you are adding a rug only to create balance, place a round rug in the center of the room or next to the bed.

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