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Small rugs can easily be styled since they come in a range of materials, styles, and colors. In addition to being more versatile than larger area rugs, small jute rugs or small outdoor rugs can g provide a focal point within the room by keeping the practical space sophisticated without overwhelming it. A small geometric rug can make a difference in aesthetics. Small shag rugs can be one of the most sure-shot ways to add visual depth and dimension. Small rugs for bedroom or small rugs for living room contribute to the overall interior design scheme. You can incorporate small fluffy rugs or small runner rugs to define a space by increasing its intimacy and usability by delineating the room's areas visually.


Small rugs can prove to be the best investment for your home to amp up the look. The addition of small floor rugs to a room isn’t only about aesthetics but is extremely functional as well.

Whether it’s a spacious room or a tiny space, the collection of small rugs can add vibrancy and make the room warm and welcoming. Let’s look into the collection of small fluffy rugs to subtly transform the whole visual appeal and make the space even more comfortable.

Buy Small Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Dive deep into the sea of options available in small rugs at Jaipur Rugs. From intricately patterned traditional rugs to a simple gradient in small rugs, there’s a design inducing a unique personality to the space.

Bring to the space fresh floral patterns offered in the Hacienda range or keep the decor neatly organized with the Basis collection in small rugs. Adding a small fluffy rug to the room can bring a soft edge to the decor while a small jute rug introduces a rustic appeal to the room.

Jaipur Rugs not only aids in accentuating the aesthetics of the space but the range of small rugs proves extremely functional. These help in defining the room and organizing the layout in a much neater manner. Browse through the collection and find the perfect pick for small floor rugs for your room.

Explore Various Styles of Small Rugs & Carpets Available at Jaipur Rugs

Explore the wide variety of small rugs available at Jaipur Rugs.


Aakar by Kavi paints a modern picture of the spaces with their small rugs collection. These rugs play with contemporary tones and patterns for a modern flair. Browse through the Tesoro, Genesis, and Free Verse by Kavi collection for new-age designs.


The traditional designs in small rugs add a timeless appeal to the space. The vibrant range offered in Mythos, Akida, and Someplace in Time collections knits a vintage story in the room.


Transitional designs in small rugs allow the traditional motifs to blend with modern aesthetics. The subtle tones with harmonic designs in the collection of small rugs for the bedroom and living room serve as an artistic element. Look through the Decade, Hacienda, and Kairos range for eye-pleasing designs.

Advantages of Having a Small Rug

Whether you’re looking at the options in small rugs for the bedroom or the plan is to place them in a kitchen, these come with multiple advantages. Let’s look into the basic perks of picking these instead of large rugs.

●      Small rugs for the living room can define the space. In the case of an open layout, placing small-sized rugs will help in setting the layout in a much more organized way.

●      Rather than opting for a single large rug, small fluffy rugs can prove to be a cost-effective method for sprucing up the look of the room.

●      The maintenance of small rugs is easier than laying large rugs and going through the hefty procedure of cleaning them.

●      With small rugs comes the flexibility to place them in any room and switch the rug based on the design as well. A small outdoor rug can also be brought inside owing to its versatile look.

●      A bland look of the room can effortlessly be transformed into a jazzed-up one with the addition of blue carpets. To keep the decor sublime, small grey carpets can be introduced.

How to Choose the Right Small Rugs for Your Home

The decision of whether to go with woolen carpets or a small jute rug can be a daunting task. Picking the best rug for a space needs thought and careful consideration. Let’s go through them to find the best match.

By Material

With a plethora of options available in the materials composing small rugs, your choice must consider the traffic of the space. For a private room, small fluffy rugs can be opted, whereas, common places need durable materials.

By Design

The design of small rugs can either make or break the look. While a small round rug can bring softness to the room, the typical shape and style will add a one-of-its-kind personality to the space.

By Colours

Based on the design sensibilities you’re aiming to induce in the room, pick the mood board. While neutrally-toned small rugs can bring contemporary charm, vibrant shades offer a traditional look.

By Size

There are multiple sizes available in small rugs as well. Understand the scale of the room, and its layout, and then opt for the app-sized small rugs.

Placement of Small Rugs

The biggest question with the small rugs is where to place them. Let’s look into the ideal placing ideas of small floor rugs as per the different spaces.


The entire visual appeal of the bedroom can be enhanced by placing a small round rug at the end of the bed. It serves as a warming landing spot and also makes the entire design more enticing.


The most functional spot to place small rugs in a kitchen is near the sink. Place it in front of the wet area to keep the kitchen neatly organized and avoid wet floors.


Place small runner rugs at the entry of the house to make it feel more inviting. Small rugs can either be added beneath the feature lighting or aligned with the center of the door.



What is the smallest rug size?

The basic size available in small rugs is 2’x3’. The largest size is 4’x6’. Your choice of small rugs will be guided by the area of the room.

What size rug is best for the entryway?

Consider opting for small runner rugs in the entryway to add an inviting vibe to the room. An entryway is the first impression-making space which makes the selection of an apt size important. The best range of sizes for these small rugs is 2’x3’ to 4’x6’.

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