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Benefits of Rug

It’s a question we’re frequently asked. And our answer is always a
resounding, “Yes, you really do need a rug!” Here’s why


Brighten a dark room

If your home has a room or area that needs to be brightened, a light color rug is the best way to vivify. A vivid colored rug on floor improves its luminosity and can balance the extra contrast

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Change your colour theme

Want to accentuate the dull look or to complement the existing color theme, rug is the best tool in your décor. It sits wide and right in middle of everything in your living space and hence can be used to change the color impression of overall setting

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Anchor the furniture

A living space is curated using different furniture, lying beneath all is a rug that holds them together. Like in dining room setting, a rug keeps intact the chairs along with the table.

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Covers imperfections

A rug can help mask the flaws which might appear on a floor in long run, thus placing a rug can maintain a fresh image of your interiors.

Define the space

To make something, you have to first define something and that’s what exactly a rug do to a space. An area rug on floor, marks the perimeter, sets the area and define the space. Use it to carve out and highlight your décor spaces.

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Affect the mood

Flower under feet or an abstract modern art, every time you look down a beautiful rug will set your mood.

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Protect your floors

The easiest approach to guard floors from marks and other damages is to beautify them with an area rug. Area rugs not only act like a shield against damages that furniture legs, foot traffic, and pets can bring in, but also add chic to any surface.

Improves the air quality

Rug has a very positive effect on cleaning the air we breathe. Particles, such as dust, pollen and pet and insect dander, usually falls on the floor and a rug traps them all, thus reducing their circulation in the air which later can be removed by vacuuming.

Fire resistant

Wool is a natural fire resistant and so is a rug made up of wool. Wool by its property does not melt like a synthetic fiber, neither does it flame easily.

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While everything else makes noise, rugs speaks the silence. It dampen the noise around and make the space peaceful.

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Comfortable to walk and sit upon

One of the best reasons to buy a rug is the added comfort it brings to your living area. Unlike the naked floor of stones, rugs are soft and made up of fiber. A thick pile rug will cushion your feet. Especially for kids, a rug can prevent the hard hurt of falling and kneeling down and provide a much more comfortable area to sit or play.

Heat insulation and antistatic.

The greater the thickness of fibers and the pile strength, the greater is the insulating effect of the area carpets. Rugs keep the temperature even throughout the year.

Creates safe non-slip surface

A non-skid rug has texture and stickiness that creates a non-slip surface to walk-upon.

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It's portable and easy to use

Rug can fly along with you. Easy to roll, un-roll, rug is most portable furniture in your home.

It's like artwork for your floors

A carpet adds to the visual splendor of a home, tying in different aspects of the interiors. A rug completes the room, complementing the furniture of the room with unique artistic sense.

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