5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Color Rug for Your Home

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Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike even if the design is similar. So, what you are essentially bringing home is not just a home décor product, but an art piece that you can walk on. One of the things that makes them unique and apt for decorating your space is the wide array of colors they come in. From solid to multi-colored pieces, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. At Jaipur Rugs we have the largest variety of ready-to-ship rugs in all colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs. You can also 100% customize a rug to fit your unique requirements with Jaipur Rugs. 

To help you pick the right rug color here are a few easy tips that you can follow:

          1. Match the rug to your room

Each room has a different vibe and a different purpose. Understand the purpose that your space is going to solve for you and choose the color accordingly. If you have a small space that you want to look bigger, choose light colors. Pastel shades, white, or a combination of pale and bright colors is the ideal choice for such rooms. For a room that is too loudly decorated or space where you want to imbue calm go for muted tones of blue or green. Monochromes are also a great fit for this kind of space. In your active spaces where you want a dash of brightness goes for the likes of orange, red, or light green.  

The trend is also to go for dark tones of burgundy, chocolate, or navy for a deep rich feel. These tones make the room cozy and comfortable and exuberate a posh look. 

         2. Rule of thumb while choosing rug color

Making sure you have a color scheme in mind is always helpful when selecting a rug. Choosing muted shades for a bright color scheme and a bright hue for a muted scheme will help complement the décor. 

You can go for tones of grey and light tans for walls that are brightly colored. And for light or muted walls, you can choose from warm yellow or orange walls. The color of your rug will help you move the eyes of the visitor to the right place. If you have already got the room decorated, please make sure to match your rug to the throws, pillows, wall art to make the room look one consistent place. The key is to select a color from the existing décor to match it with it. 

         3. Rooms with solid décor

If you have single-tone interiors you can also play around with patterned rugs. If you are comfortable using patterns and mixing and matching them then your room can truly come alive with a patterned rug. Your furniture can be your cue for this, pick the tones from your furniture to match the rug with it. 


         4. Foolproof ways of choosing rug color 

 Apart from the vibe of the room and the décor theme, there is one other important factor in a home. The flooring of the house is a vital point that helps in choosing the right rug for your space. If the floor of your house is dark-colored, it is advised to go for a dark rug that can work better with it. 

For light-colored floors, bright and pastels, both work equally well. If you want your rug to be the hero of your room then go for muted walls and floor and go for an eclectic colored rug for such a space. Bright reds, orange, blues – basically any color combination that stands out will be ideal for such a pairing. This way the rug will become an instant conversation starter and give your room a unique character. 

        5. Look for abrash effect in color

One unique characteristic of hand-spun yarn is that the yarn is of different diameters because it is not made with a machine and therefore it holds the same color differently in different places. This variation in color, shades, and hues that one gets to see when the hand-spun yarn is used in a carpet is known as Abrash (pronounced ‘Ah-brash’) effect. 


If you pick any antique rug, you will see this as a standard feature on them from a time when machines were not around. 

The best way to identify an abrash rug is to look for gradation in the color tone of a single color across the rug. A machine-made rug will never be able to bring out the true abrash effect in a rug. If you see a rug with an abrash effect it instantly signifies that the rug has been made using hand-spun wool. This means that the rug is end-to-end done only by hand and is a unique masterpiece. The hand-spun batches of yarn took on the different gradations of the same color and over the years each batch will fade out differently and the effect will stand out as a unique characteristic.

The word abrash, in Farsi, means rainbow or spectrum. In the olden days, it was used to identify the variations in the color of a rug’s pile. Jaipur Rugs offers a number of hand-knotted pieces with an abrash effect. Certain pieces from the Project Error, Aakar, and Chaos Theory collections by designer Kavi have a beautiful abrash effect.  

For the untrained eye, this effect in hand-made rugs can be seen as an anomaly or a defect. But it is not so. When buying a high-quality hand-knotted rug it is important to note that the presence of the abrash effect is sometimes a part of the design and it only signifies the purity of the hand-made process that has gone behind creating it. In other words, when you decide to buy a rug with this effect you are choosing to buy a true work of art handmade from scratch. 


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