7 Tips to Protect Wood Floors With Area Rugs

  • 3 months ago


Gorgeous wood floors are all the rage. And why not? They make a room look elegant and create the perfect foundation to create a beautiful space. But they come with their own set of challenges like the fear of scratches and dings. While getting a wood floor most of us do not think about this aspect of its upkeep. Worry not, we have a simple and effective solution to this. Area rugs for wood floors are the easiest solution to your wood floor needs. We have compiled a list of seven reasons to help you understand why carpet for wood floors are a necessity.

1. Solution for high traffic areas-

Every house has some high traffic stops like hallways, entryways, and mudrooms that have proportionately more traffic than other areas of the house. This is why you would often see more wear on the wood floor in these particular areas. The perfect solution to solve this problem is to use a suitable area rugs for hardwood floors. A runner rug in this case is the most suitable area rug. It will add to the glam quotient of your space as well as help you save your hard wood floor from the dirt and scuffing of shoes.

Runner rugs are basically rectangular rugs that are longer than they are wider. Their length is what gives them their name – runners. They come in varying lengths and therefore you can cover the longest of galleries or hallways with them. Basically, there is no set ratio for a runner, but as long its length is proportionately larger than its width it will come under the runner category. Jaipur Rugs has a wide collection of hand-knotted and flat-weaver runners in natural materials like silk, wool, cotton and jute. 

  1. Construction of your rug : The construction of your rug will help you maintain the integrity of your hardwood floor. A hand-knotted rug preferable made of wool is considered best area rugs for hardwood floors. These rugs are made by the most skilled carpet weavers one knot at a time using ancient techniques. These carpets are of great quality and they are masterpieces that you can walk on. A hand knotted rug is unique and is made knot by knot on a loom often using materials like silk, wool, bamboo silk and cotton. These rugs have a flatter pile and the density of knots per square inch at the back of the carpet defines its quality. A carpet with more densely packed knots per square inch is considered a better-quality carpet. A typical Jaipur Rugs hand-knotted carpet can have anything upward of two million knots and it takes anywhere close to six to ten months to make a hand-knotted carpet depending on the intricacy of the design. 
  2. Water repellent rugs: We have all had those spillage accidents that we wish to take back. A carpet for hardwood floors can help you create barrier between the spill and your floor. Wool is a natural stain resistant and rugs made of wool can be the solution you need for your hardwood floors.  
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  3. Bigger the better: Large area rugs for hardwood floors are an all-encompassing solution to protecting your hardwood floor. A large area rug will keep the floor underneath as shiny and colourful as it was when you got it. This is in many ways a wonderful solution for living rooms and dining rooms. A large area rug is also a great anchor to your room’s décor. 
  4. Thickness counts: The pile of an area rug for hardwood floors is an important choice. Each room has a unique purpose and so the rug piles can be chosen accordingly. For rooms with a lot of furniture and movement a low pile rug is a great choice. It will not restrict any movement and protect the floor at the same time. If the purpose of the room is to entertain people and be more decorative in nature then a high pile can also work. These types of rugs also provide more cushioning under the feet along with warmth and soundproofing. 
  5. Rug pads to the rescue: The back of the rug can be a little rough sometimes. An area rug for hardwood floors along with a rug pad is the go-to solution to avoid scratches. One of the most important functions of a rug pad is safety. The rug pad enhances the grip of the carpet and stops it from moving or slipping. If you have kids and old people in your house this will give you a lot of mental peace knowing that they will not tumble and fall. There are all kinds of rug pads available in the market. Most good rug pads should last you anything between three-four years or even longer, but it is recommended to change them in four years. Do not be swayed by the price points. A more expensive rug pad is not necessarily going to be the better choice. Most rug pads are made of either jute, felt or rubber or a combination of these materials for grip. Its best to chose a rug pad which is more effective but not expensive. The key to choosing the right rug pad is making sure that its functionality is your top priority rather than its cost. A good rug pad will keep your rug exactly where you intend it to remain and provide some amount of cushioning as well.

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  6. Avoid furniture scratches: Furniture can be a real enemy of a hardwood floor. Area rugs for hardwood floors are the best protection from scratches caused by furniture being dragged. A floor can lose its shine and get badly scratched if a piece of furniture is badly dragged on it. If you have a carpet for hardwood floors you avoid this completely. 

So, if you decide to install a hardwood floor make sure you buy the right area rugs to go with your setting along with it. Together, they are going to rock your décor setting. 


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