How To clean Your Carpets The Right Way

  • 3 years ago

Choosing The Best Sized Rug For Your Home 

Wine spills, turmeric stains and mud prints needn’t take up permanent residence in your area rugs. We tell you how to get rid of them       once and for all

While prevention is the best cure to save your carpet from stains, in living, breathing homes the occasional splatter is a norm rather than an exception. With the presence of mind and assistance from experts, your carpet can be as good as new again.

In the event of a spill, clean the area immediately with an absorbent cloth or tissue, so that the liquid doesn’t lodge itself deep in the rug. It’s important not to rub the stain but to blot it gently, without spreading it over the rug. Swabbing at the stain will be counterproductive, setting it deep in the yarn. If you’re cleaning something dense like mud or any hard material from floor rugs, resist the urge to scrape it, as you will damage the fibers. Rather, crush it into small bits, and soften the remainder with a recommended solvent solution, protecting the underside with dry towels to absorb the moisture. If you use any chemical solvents or stain removal solutions, do ensure that they have been completely removed from area carpets.

Rugs are a legacy to be passed forward to each generation. So, if you opt to have your rug professionally cleaned, especially

Woolen rugs

An extremely resilient natural fiber, wool is the thick, bushy undercoat of hairy mammals such as sheep, alpacas, goats, or llamas. The quality of wool is adjudged by the length of each hair, and the best wool is shorn from the neck, belly, and sections under the legs of the animal, where it tends to be finer, softer, and longer. To keep a woolen rug in prime condition, vacuum it regularly. As they are natural fibers, when cleaning, use only cold or lukewarm water to prevent them from shrinking or getting damaged. Given their delicateness, avoid using oxygen cleaners on them. Instead, blot away any spills immediately, cleaning the patches with mild soap and water. To prevent its colors from fading, keep it away from the direct rays of the sun. To keep it in great shape, we recommend you opt for professional cleaning even so often.

Silk rugs

Delicate, ethereal, and soft, silk rugs are lush and elegant. This natural fiber harvested from cocoons of wild or harvested silk worms helps weave rather durable floor rugs which can last a lifetime if looked after carefully. However, silk has lesser resistance to stains than other natural fibers, thus extra care is needed. Steer clear from chemical-based and other cleaners. Blot away any spills on the rug, cleaning with only mild soap and water. Soaking a silk rug in water or saturating it will damage its fibers. They need to be periodically cleaned professionally to keep them in great shape.

Natural fiber rugs

Adding a rustic touch to your home are highly durable natural fibers such as hemp, jute, and cotton, which make for light, cheerful and popular rugs. Highly absorbent, they should be regularly cleaned. Regular vacuuming helps prevent dirt from getting trapped in their fibers, a gentler method than roughly sweeping over the rugs. Area carpets made from breathable natural fibers do not take to water very easily. Avoid steam cleaning them and soaking them in water, both of which will lead to shrinkage or damage. Keep them away from direct sunlight, which will cause their original colors to fade. Even when it’s time for a professional scrub, pick a suction method or a dry extraction for the best results, to maintain their natural elasticity and texture.

Natural Fiber Rugs Cleaning

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