Kolam: Rituals from Southern India Depicted in Designer Rugs

  • 3 months ago


The question we often ask ourselves here at Jaipur Rugs is how do we create contemporary works of art that help us showcase the ancestral craft of designer rugs making with a new vision.

Constant innovation and co-creation are a part of the Jaipur Rugs philosophy. Creative collaborations are another way to enrich our design language and offerings.

Before the year hit doldrums, we showcased Kolam, one of our contemporary collections of hand-knotted rugs. The collection has been designed by Tania and Sandeep Khosla in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs.

The Kolam story - Designer Rugs by Tania and Sandeep Khosla’s

Tania and Sandeep Khosla’s inspiration for this series of hand-knotted carpets is Kolam, the ritualistic folk art of creating patterns from rice flour at the entrance of South Indian homes. Lines and loops are drawn around an underlying grid of dots, bringing together the geometric and organic. While preserving the sacrosanct symmetry in individual forms, the designers break free from traditional rules in their overall approach, creating unexpected and joyful studies in color and form, richly layered and dynamic in composition. Kolam has an ephemeral quality that is made permanent with each hand-woven knot, through the weaving process. Both crafts, with the lyrical, rhythmic movement of the hand share a meditative quality in their making.

The Designer Rug collection

The Kolam collection has seven carpets in wool and bamboo silk made using traditional methods of hand-knotting. The designs are contemporary and help create a beautiful modern rendition of an ancient folk-art. Each design is perfected by Tania and Sandeep’s experience in designing products for homes and finished by Jaipur Rug’s finest craftsmanship.

The art of Kolam making is said to bring positivity into homes and this festive season we hope the Kolam collection will bring the spirit of welcome into modern homes.

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