Top Trends in Traditional Rugs

  • one month ago

Over the last few years, we have all seen the love for traditional things increase. Designs and motifs of the past are coming back in vogue like never before. Traditional rugs are one such trend that is making a comeback. Their evergreen designs and finding a lot of takers who want classy home décor. 

People often associate traditional rugs with fine quality or high-end rugs. The words ‘fine’ and ‘high-quality’ when used in terms of a hand-knotted carpet always denote the knot-count of the carpet, which defines its quality. Each hand-knotted carpet is a made by tying a million plus knots one by one on a loom with a cotton or silk warp and a weft. The density of the knots or their proximity to each other in every square inch determines the carpet’s knot count. When you hear the numbers 8X8, 10X10, 11X11 or 14X14 – what you are really being told is the density of knots per square inch in the carpet. As a thumb rule, the higher the knot count the better the quality and more the value.

In this blog we will take you through the top two trends in traditional rug designs:

Vintage pattern:

Vintage rugs patterns never lose their charm. A Vintage or vintage-inspired rug is even more relevant in today’s décor settings. They are a perfect bridge between old and new and they look good in almost every space. Most vintage rug patterns are inspired from the Persian and Oriental patterns on these rugs, which go well with a modern or even contemporary décor setting. They give the feel of opulence with ease.  

Vintage rug patterns are available in wide range of colours and so they can be easily paired with most types of furniture. Vintage inspired rugs can be a great pocket friendly alternative to antique rugs. Given their cost, antique rug might not fit every budget. 
But an overdyed rug, that look a lot like vintage rugs are a great alternative. Overdyeing looks pretty similar to the natural wear or corrosion from usage. It is a unique process gives certain rugs an antique appearance. 

Overdyed rugs are given a special kind of wash with a solution that eats up all the wool particles and leaves out the warp and the weft with traces of the old design. A washed rug is then overdyed using a colour of choice which spreads unevenly across the rug and gives it a worn-out vintage appeal.

The Far East collection and the Lacuna (overdyed rugs) collections at Jaipur Rugs are two of the most loved vintage inspired rug collections out there. They are perfect for pretty much every room in your home. A rug from the Lacuna collection can especially add a lot of charm to the living room space. 

Oriental pattern

This is a classic centuries old rug pattern that refuses to fade away. It is both timeless and versatile. A hand-woven oriental rug is an heirloom that can be passed down generations. For a modern chic home, an oriental rug can be a great addition to the décor of the house. It is perfect for your living room as it makes an instant style statement. 
At Jaipur Rugs you can browse collections like Aurora, Floret and Biscayne for a variety of beautifully crafted hand knotted oriental patterns. These rugs are made by highly skilled artisans who have mastered this art over decades. Hand knotted oriental rugs are considered one of the finest rugs in the world. 
A typical Jaipur Rugs oriental carpet can have anything upward of two million knots and it takes anywhere close to six to ten months to make a hand-knotted carpet depending on the intricacy of the design. 


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