Know What Your Braided Rugs have to Offer

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It has been more than a century since the art of making braided rugs came into being. Their concentric design never fails to lure a passerby. It always instills a kaleidoscopic vision which in turn acts as a portal to a vivid imagination. This churns the imaginative wheels of the viewers’ mind and allows them to walk down the memory lane, often taking them back to their childhood days.

Braided rugs do not restrict you from thinking about various hues or appearances that can be incorporated. Each braid is uniformly tied and is fixed in a loop one after the other. It can vary in size depending upon the location you want to lay it. Whether a braided rug is big or small, both have a charm of their own once they are placed.

Breaking the monotony

Braided rugs are one-of-a-kind and have a lot to do with shapes and colors. The best thing about handmade braided rugs is that most of them are reversible. Therefore, you can incorporate a color theme accordingly. This allows you even more alternatives to play around with the hues in your room giving you a smooth segue to meddle with traditional choice of colors. Moreover, handmade braided rugs give you another option of hanging them on the wall. It is not necessary for you to place them on the floor. Even when it comes to the shape of a braided rug, it can do away with the rectangles, squares, and other geometries.

Right fit for different kinds of interiors

These rugs have a charm that gives a pleasing effect to the eyes as soon as you step in the room. Braided rugs make the aura even more inviting. It can become the point of focus and therefore the right place to entertain your guests. You can place them on hardwood floors or even marble flooring. Using raw materials like wool or silk, they are capable of adorning both. Moreover, they even prevent the floor from wearing off.

There are very few rugs which can match both classy or casual home settings. Braided rugs are one of them. They can fit in different interiors. In fact, they can be used to stand out, make a bold statement or even align with other elements of the room.

Even when it comes to the rooms, no one can stop a braided rug to be an ideal decor piece from a kids’, to an adult or even as the locus of a living room. It is one such rug that will fit in all places and gel in with the interiors like no other. Binding all elements of the room. It gives you a lot of possibilities to explore.

If you have a shaped braided rug then you can match it with the interiors, for instance, an oval mirror, a circular table, multicolored curtains, etc. The list is endless. If you have a shaped braided rug then you can match it with the interiors, for instance, an oval mirror, a circular table, multicolored curtains, etc. The list is endless.

Say ‘YES’ to cleaning

Don’t sweat when it comes to cleaning braided rugs. They can be washed in a machine even though they are handmade. Just make sure that you set the machine on a ‘Gentle Wash’ mode so that it does not harm the fibres of the rug. If there is a spot or stain that you wish to get rid of, then it is suggested that you use a scrubber and a light-colored towel to clean it. Here is a tip, avoid using a dark-colored towel as there are chances that its color may bleed and you will end up creating a bigger stain than before. Make sure that you rub the rug gently else the strands will come out of the rug.

Damages and Repair

Braided rugs are made of tightly knitted loops. The chance of them being damaged are less but since the loops are connected, there is a higher chance that if one strand is pulled out then it will end up opening more. However, this does not mean that damages cannot be resolved. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind so that you do not have to discard your prized possession: your rug.

If you see strands coming out of your braided rug then do not panic. You can simply use a pair of scissors to cut them. Never try to pull out the strands with your hand as that will result in a chain reaction and all the strands will come loose one after the other. Ultimately, it will give a worn out appearance to your rug. Further, in case you notice that any section of your rug is damaged or there is a hole created in any area of the carpet then you can quickly sew the patch. It is quite possible at times due to the pressure created by the legs of the furniture pieces or even stamping of foot on the rug. Never mind, attend it as soon as possible. You can get it repaired by a professional, if you are unable to do it on your own, or else it will damage further.

Moreover, handmade rugs have a few advantages over machine made rugs. The best thing being that they do not compromise on quality. However, that is not the case with machine-made rugs. Since they tend to miss out a lot on details that play an essential role that you will only be able to observe once the final product is ready.

Similarly, a handmade braided rug is a perfect blend of colors and shapes and has a pleasing effect on the eyes. If you wish to have a rug that has its braids in a unique set of color combinations or a particular shape, then you can go for a personalized choice as well. Jaipur Rugs offers an option to customize your rugs. These are made as per your fancy. Be it multiple hues or an unusual shape, it can be done. Custom rugs are an option that allows a common platform for your imagination and our artisans’ creativity to co-exist.


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