How to clean a Jute Rug

Rugs add a definition to your room by making it a place that you would want to come back to. Especially when it comes to jute rugs, they give a simplistic as well as an aesthetic glimpse to your surroundings. However, sometimes it becomes all messed up when it comes to maintenance and keeping the rugs as new as they arrived. If ‘how to clean a jute rug?’ has always been a question that pops up in your head recurrently, then here is a step by step guide to answer that.

How to Clean a Jute Rug?

First things first. In order to keep your jute rugs clean, you would have to procure a list of materials as they would come in handy in jute rug cleaning. The list includes a soft detergent pack, a light-colored towel, a hairdryer, a vacuum, and some dry extraction cleaning gears. These would form the essentials for your jute rug cleaning. Also, make sure that cleaning jute rugs must not hamper its natural fibres or disturb its softness.

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Keeping the Jute Rug Spot-Free

Spotting and spilling almost go hand in hand soon after you buy a rug. In case something spills on your rug, the first thing you need to keep in mind is never rub it and blot it immediately. Rubbing the rug spot would in turn harm its fibres and disrupt its softness. Reach out for a light colored towel and press it against the spot to soak in all the moisture. Only dab it but do not rub it. If in case you observe that the stain has not erased completely then you can use a soft detergent to get this area rid of stains. The stain can be caused by anything, due to spilling of juice, wine, or if your pet peed on it. However, the key here is to spot the stain as soon as possible and do away with it.

Daily Cleanliness

Make it a practice to clean your rug while cleaning other parts of the room as well. You can make use of a vacuum to keep it free of any dust particles that might settle on it due to heavy wind or when someone steps on it with their dirty footwears on. It can be frustrating, I know! Try to avoid beating the jute rug with a stick as it would not only litter the room with dirt but also spoil the rug’s natural fibres. Once they are spoiled then its newness would be gone forever.

Warning for Pet Owners

If you are a proud pet owner then you do have a responsibility when it comes to your jute rug. Make sure that your pet does not poop or urinate on the rug. In case it does, you need to attend the spot right away and cleanse the spot. You can make use of a  soft detergent. In case you laze out and schedule the cleaning for next time then the dirt would sit on the jute fibres and would resist coming out. Hence, being quick is a prerequisite.

Use Base to Clean Acid: that’s right, Chemistry!

In case you accidentally spill an acidic substance, for instance, a glass of juice then you should prefer soda to water for cleaning the spot . Using the neutralization reaction, soda would minimize the acidic effect and limit the spread of the stain from one point to another. Further, once you are done with the cleaning, it is essential for you to dry out the rug with the help of a hairdryer. This would avoid any containment of moisture beyond need. Drying has to be done immediately after without more ado.

Vacuuming is the key

A jute rug goes a long way if it is given more heed in terms of regular vacuuming. As many as five minutes of your time a day would add years to the life of your rug. Sounds good, right? On a regular basis, dust particles would settle down on your jute rug and you would not be able to spot them due to camouflage effect, perhaps. When you vacuum the rug that would remove those particles on an initial stage and avoid them from penetrating into its fibres and simmering deep down. This would in turn halt any further spoilage right at that point in time. One thing you must ensure is that vacuum along the lines of the rug to maintain its texture and also the symmetry of the fibres laid. 

Keep your rug moisture-free

Water is not good for jute rugs. It is advisable, to keep the rug free from any liquid or water as much as possible else that would meddle with the quality of its natural fibres . In addition to that, it also leads to colour change quite often if you keep flooding the rug every now and then. Therefore, it is suggested not to drench or sprinkle warm water in order to cleanse it or even if you do, dry it out quickly.

Cleaning jute rugs is not hard to comprehend. There are some basic steps that form the fundamental principles of how to clean a jute rug? It can be easily done at home. There is no special laundry required.

In order to have more clarity, you should always refer to the label given when you are purchasing any jute rug. It, probably, has clearly mentioned instructions about the washing details and requirements that are friendly for jute material. It also listed what kind of products might be of use in cleaning jute rugs.

Jute rug cleaning can be a bit of a task when compared to other material rugs available out there. Following the steps would only give your rug a longer life and would keep its beauty in place. So, you can have lots of fun moments with your kids and pets while they roll on and around the rug, provided you keep this easy guide as a go to thing in your mind.