How to Pick the Carpet for Romantic and Family-Friendly Party

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If you love being a hostess or often invite guests at home then here are some ideas that will make your luxury carpet the hero of your party. When you plan to call over friends and family at home or host a romantic dinner with your partner, make sure that the rug is laid out at the right place and in the right light. Usually, people like to be around that space as it becomes the area of focus once anyone steps in.

Complete your space with a handmade rug

A handmade rug is essential as it ties the room together when you have so many people around. You can have the fanciest of the furniture or lights but if there isn’t the right rug for your home to rest your feet on then the room seems empty. A handmade rug is something you understand the importance of once it’s missing. It has the charm to cast to a bold statement and can still blend in so well with the interiors. You will notice that the rug will automatically uplift the aura of the space with lights, people, and music in place.

Celebrate your special movie night

Even if there are not many people, if it is just you and your partner for the day, the handmade rug laid on the floor can be a nice place to sit down and enjoy your movie night together with a bucket of popcorn. To make the space even more romantic, you can dim the lights, play subtle music and invite your partner to step on the luxury carpet to dance with you for a while. The experience of comfort beneath your feet and spending quality time with your dear one will create a beautiful memory that will be etched in your mind forever.

Declare a ‘No-shoes’ zone

Moreover, if you invite your guests over, the best thing would be to stick a sign board outside which says, “ please take off your shoes.” Don’t be embarrassed by the idea as this will help you make your rug a ‘no-shoe zone’ so that none of the guests would be carrying any dirt inside the house. Or you can even offer them a pair of disposable slippers, as they enter so that they can wear them in the house.


Offer light liquids to your friends and family

For a night, you can say no to red wine! It is better to pick light-colored liquids for your party so that even if they spill, they will not leave a stain for longer and lessen your burden. To give you some ideas, you can offer sparkling water with lime, a colorless soft drink like sprite, or even white wine would be a good option. Don’t worry, it is not boring only if you know how to make it presentable.

Pick a place for supper

If you have recently bought your living room rug, it is better to set aside a set of tables and chairs to serve supper to your guests to minimize spilling or staining on it. Meanwhile, you can serve appetizers as your guests gel in the space. In order to keep your treasured rug safe, you can avoid serving mustard, ketchup, dips, curries, or barbeque sauce. If you have a number of people at your home to manage and they spill something accidentally, these sauces may leave a stain on your rug for a long. However, you can carefully pick what you wish to serve. There are a number of ideas. You can serve fries, tacos, meatballs, bread rolls, mushroom salad, and more. There is no limit to tasty tidbits that will leave your guests pleased at the end of the evening.

Restrict a few areas

Since you have so many guests at home, they might just stroll around into different rooms. But you can keep your bedroom rug stain-free by informing the guests beforehand or using a sign board that mentions, “no entry zone” on the door. There is nothing wrong with limiting a few areas.


Be ready for spills

You can be cautious all you want with rug-friendly drinks and dinner but accidental spills might happen anytime. If they do, don’t panic and be irked. Be prepared. Just walk in with a light-colored towel and blot the stain. The earlier you attend to it the better. This will also act as a gentle reminder to the people visiting that they can be slightly more careful while handling the food and beverage.

Clean up when the day is over

Relax, this won’t be as exhausting as you think. Before you kick start your evening, buy some disposable containers to ease your work once everyone retires to their homes. This will reduce half of your load to do the dishes. Once the party is over, make sure you clean up all the mess and not leave it for the house help, who may or may not arrive the next day.

First things first, dispose of all the dishes and return them to your rug. Check for any stains or spills on it. If you find any, get on to work with a dry piece of cloth and a soft soap solution, if needed. Don’t try to pour water on it. Gently blot the spot and avoid rubbing the rug as it may harm its natural fibers. You may even call for professional help if need be.

Later, you can vacuum it thoroughly to get rid of any bites or crumbles. With so many people around, there are high chances that some particles may have fallen on the rug and have gone unnoticed. Keep in mind to vacuum the rug and not the fringes. It won’t take more than a few minutes and will leave your rug spick and span just as it was before the party began.

Post which, you can head back to your room and go to sleep memorizing what a lovely evening it was.


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