Rugs: The Secrete of Making Small Space Look Bigger Test

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We all have that one room that we wished was bigger. This is not so because we want to stuff too many things in it but even after reducing the furniture, it feels smaller. It is that cramped feeling that we want to get rid of. It might not always be possible to physically increase the size of the space, but you can always find design-led ways to make the same space bigger and brighter.

Contrary to what most people think your flooring choice is key to how the rooms look and feels. The right kind of floor can give the illusion of more space and size.

Get rugs to fill the space

Area rugs or small carpets are the best way of guiding the eyes of the on-lookers onto the places you want. They provide lots of visual focal points for the eye to catch on. With rugs, you can add a lot of character to the floor thereby making it seem busier and spacious than it actually is.

Use stripes

A trick often used by architects and interior designers to make a room look bigger is by choosing to put in stripes in the décor. A rug with stripes on it is a great idea if you intend to make your room look bigger and give the décor a more clean-line approach.

Use light-colored rugs

The work of light colors is to brighten up a room and its décor. Rugs in tones of beige, sand, and taupe will make your room seem bigger and sprawling. A collection like Chaos Theory, Project Error, Hidden, and Urban Pause by Jaipur Rugs has a number of rugs in these colors. They are ideal to make a room look bigger and plusher.

With dark colors and patterned floors, you make the eye look inward thereby giving it a narrower look. It is always the lighter shades that make a room stand out.

Rules for textured carpets

You can use certain textured carpets to make your room look bigger. Flecks or cut-and-pile textures will help you achieve your goal as long as you do not go all out with geometric patterns. The Aakar collection at Jaipur Rugs is a classic example of geometric patterns set in a contemporary way.

You also need to remember that the patterns that you choose on your rugs are not too large. If you place rugs with big patterns your room will look crowded and small. So, make sure you scale the patterns you use on your area rugs to make your room look bigger. The more carpet that is visible the better.

Round rugs to the rescue

A round rug is a very interesting way of making a room look bigger. It will not add another rectangle to the room and beautifully create a connection between your furniture. Generally, odd-shaped rugs are a great way of adding character to a room’s décor. While decorating with rugs consider buying unique shapes like Jaipur Rugs’ ‘Pink Perspective’ from the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection by Matteo Cibic or Concoction by Shantanu Garg for a bold yet understated appeal with its graphic depiction of Jaipur’s sundial or match a large circular rug to an open-plan space to make an effortless styling choice. You can also get your odd-shaped rugs custom-made to suit your space.


Use a bespoke rug

If you are not able to find anything that you think makes your room look bigger. Just get on a call with our experts and they will help you customize a rug to suit your need perfectly.

We at Jaipur Rugs provide customization services to help you make a custom rug from scratch. Many of you might be first-time buyers or doing it without professional help. It takes a person several years to learn the craft. But with Jaipur Rugs we assist you in designing the rug of your dreams using the exact specifications you need.

The first step that will define the process of designing custom design rugs is making sure you have filtered your ideas to arrive at a theme. Once you have done that push the process further by putting down specific size requirements.  Making a list of all your needs will help you zero in on one concept. Once the concept is final our experts guide you with selecting the exact design. They share the modifications required to produce the custom design rugs successfully. Our team helps you pick the right colors and material after finalizing the design. 

Based on the design, colors, and material our team creates a digitally generated mock of your rug. It helps you understand how your custom modern rugs will look once finished. Once approved, we send the design to our weavers and get your rugs made.

Always choose handmade rugs for durability

Also, make sure that the rugs you pick are handmade and durable so as to make sure that the investment you make in the décor of the room lasts you a long time. Each handmade rug is a unique work of art. No two handmade rugs can be alike even if the design is similar. So, what you are essentially bringing home is not just a home décor product, but an art piece that you can walk on. Of all kinds of rugs, the handmade ones, especially the hand-knotted rugs are the most durable. Just like the art form, these rugs can be passed down through generations. Most handmade rugs end up as family heirlooms that are cherished by several generations. 


The world of handmade rugs is vast. To simplify things, one can put handmade rugs in four broad categories. Hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flatweave, and handloom are the four types of handmade rugs that you can get for your home. At Jaipur Rugs there is a wide range of designs in a modern rug, traditional rug, contemporary rug to eclectic available in handmade rugs. For the 40,000 artisans associated with Jaipur Rugs, handmade rugs are a source of sustainable livelihood at their doorstep. These artisans are able to find dignified work in their villages thereby solving the problem of migration. Each handmade rug brings with it the story of the artisan who has made it. The artisan imbues his blessings in the yarns of the rug, making it a source of positivity and prosperity for both the buyer and the weaver.


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