Spaced Out – Rugs For Every Space

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Spaced Out – Rugs For Every Space

Rugs are the easiest way to bring in texture of your choice for your floors. They can easily demarcate areas and cast coziness in a jiffy. The range of designs and colors available these days make it even simpler to accentuate spaces. And it’s this versatility that makes a rug suitable for almost every space in a home.

Living Room Rugs – 

Many prefer their living rooms to not remain confined within walls. An open floor plan is extremely popular in contemporary homes as it allows better flow and furniture arrangement flexibility. There may be various features in a living room that occupy their own space and thereby demand their own area. For example hill homes or homes in cold places may have a fire place within the living room. Or as seen in contemporary apartments, there may be a seamless adjoining TV area. Or even a combined dining and open kitchen. In such plans, having multiple rugs to define each area may be a great way to break the vision monotony and delineate one area from the other based on functionality. Read more on living room rug ideas for some interesting tip to choose the right rug.


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Bedroom Rugs-

There are homes with uniform wall colors throughout. For such houses, every bedroom can be defined better with a different rug. Children’s room, for instance could have brighter rugs that give the kids a reason to interact with their room in their own imaginary way. Also what’s a kid’s room without spillage, scratches and other cardinal enemies of neatness. Synthetic rugs are ideal for little ones uninterrupted doze of fun as they can be cleaned easily. Since children love to dive and jump it’s important to take care of the impact their physical activity has on them  Tufted rugs can be an ideal choice of spread since their pile height makes them a great spread for jumps. For detailed guide to choosing rugs for your kids room read more.

Kids room rugs

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While colors are a personal discretion most adults and geriatrics prefer Sober shades for room decor. In addition, if you already have textured walls or brightly hues rooms, the temper can be controlled with earthen shades of rugs. The idea is every space can be created differently in no time with rugs.


bedroom Rugs

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Runner rugs are another great pick for bedrooms. Just a long rug next to the bed footer or in front of a wardrobe can create a charming look. Stripes are a great choice for small bedrooms as it enhances the visual space.

Runner Rugs

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Dining Room Rugs

Dining rugs are a great choice for creating an island dining look. It also keeps the furniture steady. Wool rugs, flatweaves are ideal for dining areas since they are sturdy and easy to maintain. If you have a round dining table, round rugs are the perfect choice for creating a swanky dining area. The placement of the table and chair with respect to the rugs helps in deciding the size of the rug. A rug could be placed only under the dining table while chairs can be on the periphery outside of the rug. Such placement helps in keeping the table steady and a free movement of chairs. If you wish to place an oversized rug under your dining table and chairs it can be a great way to accentuate the entire dining area especially if it is a part of your living room. Cotton rugs also make an appropriate pick for the space as they can be cleaned easily and are low pile.

Whatever your choice of rug be, it would be good to have a fabric protector underneath the legs of the dining furniture.

Jaipur Rugs offers a low pile range of exquisite rugs for creating a dream dining space.


Dining Room Rugs

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Rugs for Other Spaces

Apart from the main rooms, houses can have areas based on the interest and inclination of the residents like a place of worship, a study, a library, a work space, TV lounge etc. In most of these spaces rugs can play an important role in look makeover. Solid shades or monotones help in concentrating better and are great for work areas. Even mildly toned flatweaves can make an interesting part of one’s work space.

Rugs for Every Space

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