Six Best Office Rugs to Enhance Your Office’s Beauty

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Selecting a rug for your office space is very different from selecting a rug for your home. For your office, you need to consider practicality and traffic in the room. Special emphasis needs to be put on the type of color and material used for office rugs. Rich colors and sturdy hand-knotted rugs in wool, bamboo silk, or viscose are great options for office areas.

General suggestions

Size, construction, material, and purpose are some important things to remember when choosing a rug for space. Rich colors and sturdy materials go well for high traffic areas susceptible to spillages and other accidents. Therefore, it is advised to choose a rug that fits your budget and fulfills all its desired roles in your home or office.

We will share six great ideas to select the perfect office rug:

Classic rug for office

Those preferring the classic designs are inherently choosing timeless pieces that never go out of trend. These designs and patterns have held their ground for years and they keep getting reimagined in different colors to suit every space. Traditional wool and silk rugs with intricate guitarists (hand embossing) are perfectly suitable for those who prefer the timeless look. They have a way of invoking nostalgia, grandeur, and an every-lasting style appeal in a décor setting.  One of the best patterns of the classic variety is the vintage ones. The charm of the vintage rug pattern never ceases to amaze. Vintage or vintage-inspired rugs are a trendy rug pattern today. They are a perfect bridge between old and new and they look good in almost every space. The Persian and Oriental patterns on these rugs go well with a modern or even contemporary décor setting and give the feel of opulence.  Vintage rug patterns are available in all kinds of colors and so they can be easily paired with most types of furniture. 
It is interesting to note there is an alternative to antique rugs. Given their cost antique rug might not fit every budget. But an overdyed rug is a great alternative to it. Overdyeing is the same as natural wear or corrosion from usage. It is a unique process that gives certain rugs an antique appearance. Overdyed rugs are given a special kind of a wash with a solution that eats up all the wool particles and leaves out the warp and the weft with traces of the old design. A washed rug is then overdyed using a color of choice which spreads unevenly across the rug and gives it a worn-out vintage appeal.
The Far East collection and the Lacuna (overdyed rugs) collections at Jaipur Rugs are two of the most loved vintage-inspired rug collections out there. They are perfect for pretty much every room in your home. A rug from the Lacuna collection can especially add a lot of charm to the living room space. 


Multi-colored rugs

Multi-colored rugs are great to bring a fresh vibe to your space. These are instant eye-catchers and they can have their base in a variety of designs. These designs can transform the most boring places into conversation starters and make them come alive in an instant. Go for colors that most speak to you. If the colors are to your liking they will keep you motivated and inspired in your place of work.

Geometric modern rug

One of the cool ways to add character to your office décor is to go for a geometric pattern rug. A rug from the Aakar collection by Kavi can be a great fit for an office setting. You can use playful pinks, bright yellows, heightened blues, and boundaries of black amalgamate together for a design inspired solely by the distinctiveness of fusion, frolicsome to the core. This can add immense aesthetic appeal to your office and give it a modern vibe at the same time. 

Shape selection

The shape and style of the furniture in your room will be a big factor when you decide to redecorate. If you have bulky furniture and you want to add a sense of space to your room, make sure to place the furniture in such a way that two legs are on the rug and two are off it. This way the place will look roomy. A rug from the Lacuna collection with antique furniture is a match made in heaven. For modern and contemporary pieces of furniture, rugs from Chaos Theory, Free Verse, Hidden, and Aakar are great choices. And if you want an instant conversation starter, something that stands out in the room, then try pieces from Jaipur Wunderkammer and Concoction collections for your redecoration project.

Go for rug layering

If you are looking to redefine your office area completely or add interesting new textures and colors like a pro, try layering your rugs. It’s easier than it sounds and it can give you new ways of using your existing rugs. By layering your rugs, you can use your smaller rugs in bigger settings and completely transform the décor of your rooms.
Our advice is to start with a good base rug. It is important that the base rug is neutral – something like a plain, jute, sisal, stripe, or black and white pattern. Even though the objective is to layer, it will be an advantage if the base rug alone can by itself hold the décor. Just in case you want to go the minimalist way. So, chose a versatile neutral base rug that can transform the room once layered up.

Make your home office look bigger

This is another evergreen trendy rug pattern. The pattern is available in both mild and saturated hues, which makes it a great fit for all types of décor themes. Stripe rugs are a great help when you want to make a room look big or small. You can choose from a variety of stripe sizes – from thick ones to narrow ones there is a stripe size for every need. For a room with plain furniture, stripes can be a real game-changer.  Jean, Annette, Indusbar, Tesoro are some of the collections of strip rugs available in all colors and sizes at Jaipur Rugs.



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