Top 5 Trending Rug Patterns in 2020- Jaipur Rugs

A rug is central décor piece for any room. It commands a lot of attention and lays the groundwork for the rest of the room’s décor. A lot of interior designers prefer to choose the rug first. They say the rug pattern helps them get the right start they need for completing the design process successfully. 

Primarily, a rug acts as an anchor for your furniture and provides plush comfort underfoot. But a fine quality rug is just like an investment and so it must be made carefully. When finding the popular rug pattern, you will first have to select the right material and size depending on your space and budget. After you are through with that you will move on to finding the trendy rugs pattern. In this blog we will take you through the top five rug patterns for 2020.

Abstract rug pattern

An abstract rug pattern is like an abstract painting. With no clear definition or form in the design pattern, it can lend a really unique edge to the room. It can be used to add colour, style and trendiness to a room’s décor. Abstract rugs in bold colours can highlight a dull room and make it the best looking one in the house. Given the uniqueness of the pattern, it can be a great means of personal expression. With abstract rugs, you have the choice to go both bold and subtle. You can find great abstract rugs in milder hues that can enliven your floor. 

At Jaipur Rugs there is a wide range of abstract designs by internationally awarded designer Kavi. Her collections like Chaos Theory and Project Error have a wide array of abstract designs. They are perfect for your living rooms and bedrooms. Runners from this collection look great in foyers and entryways to make a grand statement.

Vintage rug pattern

The charm of the vintage rug pattern never ceases to amaze. Vintage or vintage-inspired rugs are a trendy rug pattern today. They are a perfect bridge between old and new and they look good in almost every space. The Persian and Oriental patterns on these rugs go well with a modern or even contemporary décor setting and give the feel of opulence.  Vintage rug patterns are available in all kinds of colours and so they can be easily paired with most types of furniture. 

It is interesting to note there is an alternative to antique rugs. Given their cost, antique rugs might not fit every budget. But an overdyed rug is a great alternative to it. Overdyeing is the same as natural wear or corrosion from usage. It is a unique process that gives certain rugs an antique appearance. Overdyed rugs are given a special kind of a wash with a solution that eats up all the wool particles and leaves out the warp and the weft with traces of the old design.

A washed rug is then overdyed using a colour of choice which spreads unevenly across the rug and gives it a worn-out vintage appeal.

The Far East collection and the Lacuna (overdyed rugs) collections at Jaipur Rugs are two of the most loved vintage-inspired rug collections out there. They are perfect for pretty much every room in your home. A rug from the Lacuna collection can especially add a lot of charm to the living room space. 

Oriental rug pattern

The oriental rug pattern can be safely called a classic. And as is true for every classic, it is timeless and versatile. A hand-woven oriental rug is an heirloom that can be passed down generations. For a modern chic home, an oriental rug can be a great addition to the décor of the house. It is perfect for your living room as it makes an instant style statement. These rugs are made by highly skilled artisans who have mastered the art over decades. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are considered one of the finest rugs in the world. Having them in your décor will elevate the beauty and appeal of your home. 

Collections like Aurora, Floret, and Biscayne by Jaipur Rugs have a number of beautifully crafted hand-knotted oriental patterns. 

Stripe pattern rugs

This is another evergreen trendy rug pattern. The pattern is available in both mild and saturated hues, which makes it a great fit for all types of décor themes. Stripe rugs are a great help when you want to make a room look big or small. You can choose from a variety of stripe sizes – from thick ones to narrow one's there is a stripe size for every need. For a room with plain furniture, stripes can be a real game-changer.  

Jean, Annette, Indusbar, Tesoro are some of the collections of strip rugs available in all colours and sizes at Jaipur Rugs.

Layering rugs

Layering rugs is more of a trend than a pattern. But it deserves a mention here as it is the hottest thing right now with interior designers and decorators . Layering can be a great way of mixing and matching different patterns to arrive at a unique combination. 

We suggest you start with a good base rug as your foundation so you can experiment. Select the rug pattern and colours that complement each other. Combine a neutral and a patterned rug, small patterns, and large patterns go well together. You can also combine stripes with a trendy rug pattern.

Area rugs are a great way of defining a space. In a fully carpeted area layering can help you make well-defined islands to get more structure to the décor. Layering can create interesting looks for your living room, dining area, or at the end of a bed. 

Some interesting ideas shared by designers for layering rugs include using a black or blue coloured rug on any neutral tone. Or you can simply use a black and white pattern rug at the base and use a rainbow of colours on it.