Ways to Make Your Home a Relaxation Sanctuary

  • one month ago


Home has lots to do with how you keep it. From floor to walls, to rooms every space matters. You can try introducing certain elements in your home and witness the change yourself. For instance, think of a modern rug adorning your floor. It will instantly help you to strike a balance with your interiors and hold everything together.

When do you experience ultimate relaxation? Observe your breathing pattern around a handcrafted rug. You will recognize it is calm, composed, deep, and filled with contentment. It has so much to do with everything that makes a rug.

Follow the listicle to know more about it so that you can convert your home into a relaxation sanctuary.

Bring texture to your home

Your floor rugs have the power to change the entire experience you go through while you walk into your home. Compare the difference while you walk on a hardwood floor versus when a handmade rug is beautifully laid on it. Let your feet feel the touch of texture and they will decide for themselves. While you step on the floor rug, your feet will be sheathed in an envelope of comfort.

You can even double up on texture by layering rugs one over another. You can play with contrast by placing a patterned colorful rug over a solid Persian rug. On the other hand, you can even go for a busy base rug along with a muted tone rug on top. This will be a treat to your feet to feel multiple textures with one step.

Place art that you can walk on

Imagine how wonderful it is to always have a companion when you stroll around the house. Don’t get confused. Your wall carpet can be your constant confidant. Wherever you go, it is there below your feet. Moreover, it is not just a rug but a piece of art where each strand is woven one after the other by our skilled artisans across rural India.

You can even go for a runner rug to lead your footsteps while you climb up the floor. A runner rug will connect your way from the floor you left to the floor you wish to reach. This will give rise to a feeling of connection and bonding with people living on both floors. The runner rug not only bridges the gap between floors but also the people living on it.


Add fifth wall of creativity to your room

A rug is like another creative wall that you can add to your room. The best part being, this wall can be moved. You can relocate an area rug as per your convenience and accordingly the look and feel of your space will change. A colorful rug or a modern rug can form the base of creativity while other innovative elements can be centered around it. For instance, you can sit with a novel you are currently reading, a piece of fabric that you are knitting, a musical instrument that you are playing, or more. A handmade rug has room for every creative aspect. This will become that one sweet spot where the birth of every innovation within the house will take place and will have the happiest memories.

Go for natural and earthy hues

When you choose a rug for your home, you can think of earthy colors that draw you closer to nature. It is another way with which you can bring nature indoors. If there is a monochromatic light source in your room then you can break the monotony by bringing multiple colors in the form of a wall carpet. You can choose soft tones yet diversify the color range by picking the right colors that match your interiors. Once you place the rug, witness perfect harmony and serenity beaming within your room. Your rug will not only form an element of visual recreation and will also limit any unwanted disturbances entering the space. It allows you to have a higher level of concentration to carry on with any work you are engrossed in.

Keep minimalistic decor

Muted furniture goes a long way. They are generally a safe pick for the furniture as they can be easily matched with your decor. You can always keep in mind, the lesser the details in the furniture the better for your rug. If your interiors subtly match with the rug on the floor, you will witness the complete setup coming together binding all the elements of the room.

It is not necessary to have showy interiors to cast an impression on anyone who visits your place. You can go minimalist and yet your space can touch the epitome of creativity with this piece of art adorning the floor.


Limit the use of technology around the rug

In order to convert your home into a relaxation sanctuary, you can treat your floor rug as a no gadget zone. It is slightly difficult with this tech-savvy generation where the phone never stops buzzing. However, it is a nice way to bring calm in the chaos. This area rug can become a place of solace where you can practice meditation and get engrossed in deep thoughts or even spend quality time with your loved ones. You can lay a colorful modern rug or a traditional Persian rug but make this spot a place of internal healing. To add more to it, you can add life to space by placing small plants in glass containers that elevate the atmosphere even more.

Whenever you need to take a break from your work, you can unplug from social media, lay on the rug, and rejuvenate. This will help you rekindle the energy that you might have lost in the entire day. In fact, in this hybrid work culture, this is a great way to revamp your strength and get back to work with the same confidence that you have after your morning cup of coffee.


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