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Step 2 - Share Your Design Brief

Know more about our weaver-designers and their craft

Meet Our Artisan Santosh Devi

She is from Narhet, Rajasthan, India

Santosh is a 28 years-old weaver from Narhet, Rajasthan. She has been weaving for the last decade, ever since she got married. Her weaving was initially a means to supporting her husband as he continued his studies. She is a confident, hard-working, and courageous woman who readily takes on responsibilities with a smile. She is the daughter of weavers as well as has two daughters and one boy. She says that her first Manchaha allowed her to practice the virtues that she thought she lacked because she couldn’t pursue higher education- thinking, creating and designing, all by herself. She was able to express what she wanted.

Her loom width:; 9 feet, while the maximum width of carpet that can be created on this loom,the length can be of your choosing. The total area determines the time spent in crafting the carpet and it's pricing.

Her Manchaha designs


Choti badi Machliyaan

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Rang Birange Eet

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Tell Us Your ‘Manchaha’ Design

Dear Santosh Devi,

I love the rugs you design and weave.
I’d like to commission you for a Manchaha rug.

Below is some of my information:



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