Wool Rugs

Sheared from sheep, this fiber is the most associated with rugs for its sheer durability, sustainability and texture. Wool is the most common rug material and its durability extends generations, giving a classic matt look.

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wool rugs

Buy Wool Rugs Online For Every Kind of Space

Wool has to be one of the hardiest and trust-worthy materials nature has gifted us with. It has been used in weaving practices since the beginning of time, and the tradition continues strong. Wool is one of the, if not the most durable natural material with which rugs are woven. Wool rugs enjoy the advantage of longevity, meaning that investing in one will last you for generations. Jaipur Rugs’ wool area rugs fulfil the dual purpose of making a space look instantly charming as well as keeping the floors protected, especially if they are made of hardwood. Our artisans work with only the best quality wool to weave rugs that range from modern and solid to classic and transitional styles.  Each rugs comes with distinct patterns and designs which Moroccan, Coastal, Ikat, Damask, Kilim, etc. You can trust Jaipur Rugs to bring you only the high quality wool area rugs which undergo multiple quality checks.

Wool Area Rugs Weigh Heavy on Both Aesthetics and Utility

There are a lot of rugs which look pleasing to the eye. But don’t forget that rugs also perform multiple utilitarian duties. Some of them are protecting the floor, warming the room, snuffing out noise, providing underfoot comfort, etc. Wool area rugs are particularly beneficial because not only do they stun in design but also fulfil all the above-mentioned purposes. Indian wool rugs are extremely versatile; you can place them in residential spaces just as well as official and commercial spaces. Be it in the living room the bedroom, or your work-from-home office, a wool rug is just the right addition to any space.

When shopping wool rugs online, make sure you measure your room correctly and take in stock the other décor elements in the space to make it blend in to the space seamlessly. Our artisan original wool rugs are some of the most exclusive in the world, given that they are designed by the artisans themselves.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Wool Rugs for Sale

Wool rugs can tend to be expensive owing to the quality of the material and the time it takes to weave each rug. When looking for wool rugs on sale, check out Jaipur Rugs for its wide range of prices of wool rugs online. You are sure to find something in your budget. To complete your online shopping experience with us, we also provide free and quick delivery worldwide as well as easy payment options.

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