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Hidden Inspiration

It’s interesting to note the little things that leave us inspired in life! Be it a goat or a skipping rope, inspiration is everywhere!

Hidden is inspired by the unnoticed beauty of experiences and processes. The wall of hidden inspiration was created to glorify the inspirations one seeks in everyday life.

Unstring a story

Life’s a cycle and it never stops spinning!

Wool hand-spinning is one of the oldest professions in the world. Machines, however, have taken over. We wanted to connect our consumers and fans with the last remaining spinners of Bikaner. Connecting wool thread to a hand-made card, adding an inspiring message, and displayed for all the world to see, Unstring a Story is how we built a rope bridge.

2,500 spinners, thousands of miles of yarn.

The Postcard Project

You have got a mail

Our Artisans say Hello to you.

Love is spread when one takes time to connect. To spread this love, we have taken an initiative to connect our artisans to you. Get your postcard handmade by artisans when you buy a rug.

Give love a chance and send one (ummm.. Multiple!!) back.