dining room rugs

Create a warm and inviting dining experience with our selection of dining room carpet. From monochrome to traditional, our dining table carpet will complement your room's decor while protecting your floor. Start searching for your perfect set of dining room rugs today and learn about how warm and eciting they are. Select from modern rugs, custom rugs, and many other carpets that are destined for a home. Regardless what you choose, it will Transform your dining room into a dining experience with our luxurious dining room carpets, offering comfort and style to every meal

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dining room rugs

Forget about the messy plates and spoons, the loud conversations, or the spilled drink disasters. Dining room area rugs catch all of these mishaps with their durable material, not to mention that it looks great too. Rugs and runners in your dining room are a cost-effective way of making your space feel cozy and comfortable. You can choose from a wide range of dining room rug styles, including big-area carpets, small rugs, or hallway carpets for hallway spaces.

Upgrade your home with our beautiful dining room rugs & carpets

A space with a dining room rug or carpet can make an otherwise bland, dull room feel warm and inviting. You can make your living or dining room look like you've been in it for years by adding one of these beauties to the mix! A dining area rug will create a sense of formal elegance, especially when paired with furniture that also has a formal or traditional look. You can choose dining carpets from vibrant colors and muted tones to coordinate with the overall scheme of your space, such as cream, green, chocolate brown, and dark brown. As long as these colors are harmonious in your area, you can use them for any room in the house, including the bedroom and bathrooms.

Explore various patterns of dining room carpets at Jaipur Rugs India

The dining space is specifically designed for the culinary and social art of eating. It is an open, expansive space in many homes. The best way to style this room, to create a well-crafted, cohesive design aesthetic maintaining its function as the home's central hub, is to introduce dining rugs in different patterns and textures (or lack thereof) that reflect both the function of this space and your taste.


Distressed patterned dining room rugs have their quality and personality, which might go in beautifully with your current decor. Any carpet with a vintage aesthetic, whether an antique or a modern rug with minimally distressed patterns or color scheme, can improve the appearance of your dining space or your house.


Geometric carpets are versatile since they can go with various design styles. A round dining room rug with geometric patterns can be a feature that is on-trend and attracts a lot of attention, in addition to being stylish and acting as an anchor for other pieces in your dining room.


Kilim rugs are an excellent choice to give your home a modern aesthetic while maintaining a classic feel. They come in a variety of hues and designs. You can use a lot of kilim rugs in your dining space since they are lightweight. They make an excellent pick for bedroom carpets as well.


In addition to the warmth and color they bring to a place, Oriental rugs also give extra zest because of their elaborate and intricate designs. Don't be afraid to mix patterns while decorating your dining space with an oriental flower carpet. Keep the room's other furnishings and decor muted or monochromatic.


A masterfully woven solid dining table carpet is timeless and surprisingly adaptable in various types of homes. Every space can benefit from solid rugs available in countless colors, fabrics, scales, and style variations.

Why Should you Choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Dining Room Rugs?

For numerous decades, Jaipur Rugs has been the top rug manufacturer in India. Our distinctive dining room table rugs, which talented weavers weaved from several Indian cities, make us great. At Jaipur Rugs, you can get high-quality and bespoke handmade rugs and carpets, ranging from the best dining carpets for your dining space to jute carpets for the foyer and wool carpets for the living room, bedroom, and more. These carpets will improve your area's look, feel, and coziness.



What kind of rug goes in the dining room?

High-pile carpets, like shags, can be more challenging to clean and are prone to trap food crumbs. Select a rug for your dining room that is flat weave or lower pile that is 1/2" high or less. This will make it simpler for chairs to move around the surface. Choose materials like wool and synthetics that are simple to clean or even outdoor jute carpet.

How big should a rug be around a dining room table?

The ideal distance between the rug and table in your dining area is about four feet. You and your guests should have 18 to 24 inches on each side so that you may slide seats out without fretting about tripping over the rug's edge.

How much does a suitable dining room carpet cost?

A wide range of variables influences the prices of good dining carpets. Additionally, the cost of the dining room rug might be influenced by your preferences. You can discover these fine dining rugs at Jaipur Rugs in various price ranges. Both less than Rs 20,000 and more than Rs 3,000,000 are possible.

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