Mrs. Indu Dhull's Residence, Jaipur

A residence that blends in a myriad of appealing colors, soothing textures, and unusual noticeable elements to put together a luxurious yet cosy space that expresses the beauty of a home in the most graceful way!

Nikhil Agrawal Design

As per the client’s brief, Nikhil Agrawal came up with a contemporary yet minimalistic residence design that speaks volumes for itself and the people living in it. The residence incorporates a subtle color palette with elements that catch your eye and create a strong statement in an otherwise simple yet luxurious space.

The space

The intent that brought this residence to life was to define the umpteen forces at play and curate a geometry that could resolve them effortlessly. The elements are inspired by ordinary things and everyday events of daily life, yet hint toward occasional chance encounters that keep the everyday life interesting.

The Purpose

The spaces of this residence were to be designed in a way that they would ooze a luxury vibe while still keeping the feeling of home alive and intact. This is when the interplay of subtle colors and striking elements comes into role.

The Art

The minimalistic yet grandeur-exuding feel of the spaces has been amplified by putting modern and abstract rugs to use along with awe-inspiring paintings. With this, the perfect amalgamation of art and architecture has been imbibed in the residence.

The Designer

Ar. Nikhil Agrawal is the man behind the distinguished Jaipur-based architectural and interior designing firm, Design Atelier. With his meticulous designs and creative expressions, he brings out the best in all sorts of spaces with the utmost sensibility and effortlessness. Mrs. Indu’s Residence inculcates the finest elements of his design style.

Nikhil’s top picks

Jaipur rugs

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