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If you love the softness of carpets but aren’t a big fan of that “wall-to-wall” look, an area rug might offer the perfect design solution. We at Jaipur Rugs sell carpets online to amp up the flair of your space. Or, if you want to fill your room with eye-catching designs, then Modern rugs and carpets are the perfect solutions. We have more than 10,000 carpets design from which you can pick the best one for your space. From kilim rugs to woolen carpets, we have everything you desire.

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Since ancient times, carpets have been trendy and a useful decor accessory. You can easily customize your home interior without losing much from your pocket. Rugs are available in multiple styles, colours, and designs and easy to pick one that blends well with your interior. If you want to try various permutations and combinations, replacing a rug is much more cost-efficient than changing your furniture. Most rugs are easy to clean and have a low maintenance cost. Carpet design can bring your space together with a flair of textures and eye-catching colour schemes. Carpets for living room can bind your space and bring new life without breaking your budget.

If you compare bedroom rugs or living room rugs with other furniture at your home, a rug usually comes as an afterthought. Instead of getting a couch or a dining set, picking up a rug for your space is time-consuming. Often people buy rugs solely for their durability and price and not for how dramatic chan they can bring to any space. It is because cheap carpets have a history of coming in boring neutrals or detailed classic designs that detract from a unified strategy. But gone are the days. Modern designers and talented artisans have proven that a rug can be a great addition to your home.

Explore through the best Indian Designer Rugs & Carpets available exclusive at Jaipur Rugs India

The traditional Indian carpets are recognized for their rich colours, distinctive textures, remarkable designs, and premium materials that come together to form a colourful masterpiece. Indian rugs shed light on the area's culture and history. The carpets' intricate designs and intricate themes give them a strange and uniquely Indian feel. The carpets in India, like those in many other civilizations, highlight the symbolism and artistic imagination of the weaver, exhibiting a wonderful desire to preserve the history and importance of art in India.

Since we are in the rug manufacturing business for the past 40 years. We have distinctive designs and eye-catching traditional patterns that can catch anyone's attention and are sure to become the centerpiece of your home. We have 10,000+ designs and 1,000+ colour schemes to choose from the perfect one for your room.

Guide for the best suitable Carpet Design for your space

There are numerous fibers available for rugs, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. It pays to become familiar with all the many varieties of rugs and how they may improve a room, whether you're thinking about durability, upkeep, or just the overall look.

By Size:

When selecting carpets online for your room, make sure that they are not too small. Every time, go bigger; the additional cost will be worthwhile. When selecting which way to set the rug, use the orientation of the room as a reference. The ideal method to arrange flower carpets in a long space is lengthwise. A great tip that guarantees the rug is in the right position from every aspect is to use painter's tape to mark where your rug will go. This will help you see how the room will appear in the end.

By Colour:

Selecting carpets or rugs online with eye-catching colours that blend well with your existing decor sometimes becomes very difficult. Bright shades of orange or red frequently complement warmer, gentler wall colours. Darker hues are more effective in hiding wood stains. A rug in a dark tone like a green carpet may be a sensible purchase if you want a cosy and warm environment.

By Material:

We at Jaipur Rugs have various kinds of designer handmade rugs. Before purchasing a rug, you should be very clear about its purpose of it. If you want to place the rug outside then a jute rug will be a perfect option for you. Similarly, for the living room where the traffic is high, you can go with wool rugs or jute rugs. For your hallways or kitchen, you can pick runners made from wool or cotton.

Special Indian Carpet Design Collection by Jaipur Rugs India

In 1526, the famous Mugal rural Akbar has introduced the fine art of weaving carpets in Persian style. Since then, talented Indian artisans have produced many magnificent pieces of artwork than can elevate any space with unique designs and eye-catching patterns. Since then, India is one of the leading carpets manufacturers and importers of handmade carpets.


One of the key considerations when buying a rug is your current decorating style. A perfectly styled carpet can truly reflect your personality and amp up the overall flair of the room. You can go with traditional carpets for a vintage flair or transitional rugs for an eye-catching appearance.


Many world-famous designers believed that an area rug is a design tool to amp up the existing decor. We at Jaipur Rugs have multiple options to choose the ideal one for your space.


In this 21st century, where old and traditional styles have been changed with contemporary and on-trend patterns, adding designer rugs from the collection of Jaipur Rugs will spruce up your floors.


FAQs About Rugs

What does rug mean?

The size of a rug is frequently substantially smaller than the room's measurements. Area rugs come in a number of sizes, with 5'x8' and 8'x11' being some of the most popular. This is unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, which covers the entire space.

Is there a difference between a carpet and a rug?

A rug is, at its most basic, a piece of woven cloth used to cover a certain portion of the floor. This is distinct from the term "carpet," which is typically but not always used to describe carpeting that is installed permanently on the floor or extends from wall to wall.

What are the benefits of carpets and rugs?

There are several benefits of having rugs or carpets for your home because they will drastically amp up the appearance of your room. Rugs and carpets are also used to make a partition within the space and they also provide a cosier feel.

What are the rules for rugs?

A minimum of 6 inches should separate the rug and the couch. Smaller pieces of furniture should be able to completely fit on the carpeting. Use a different rug in each of the zones of a particularly large room if you have one. Although the rugs don't have to match, they should have a common colour or pattern

How long should you keep a rug for?

If you do proper care of your rug it can last generations. Historians have found a 2500-year-old carpet in the tomb of a Scythian prince.



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Rugs Price
stpl-13 multi hand tufted Rugs ₹19,950
80227jz multi hand tufted Rugs ₹13,780
pdjt-09 red and orange flat weaves Rugs ₹9,870
hwb-1001 beige and brown hand loom Rugs ₹1,07,730
lca-05 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs ₹81,430
hwb-1001 blue hand loom Rugs ₹39,900
makt-97 red and orange hand knotted Rugs ₹79,800
lca-03 red and orange hand knotted Rugs ₹1,33,250
lca-03 blue hand knotted Rugs ₹49,350
lca-2351 red and orange hand knotted Rugs ₹49,350
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