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Art Deco

The bold and the beautifully geometric, Art Deco celebrated the invention of technology in the era of World War II, bringing in mathematical shapes and symmetry to the interior.

Contemporary Eclectic

A modern interpretation of the past, Contemporary Eclectic is an evolution of the interior, bringing beauty to function, a peacock to the birds of flight.


The 17th century come to life in intricate detail, Baroque takes you back to the Greco-Roman world of art, music and architecture in its designs that also brought with it a unique style of life.


The proper and the posh, Georgian pays homage to 18th century Britain with its symmetry, balance and proportions that’s fit for a Kingdom.

Mid-century Modern

Clean, simple and honest, Mid-century modern marks a change in the design palate in the 1950’s and is decorative in how smoothly it blends into the whole space.


Minimal and functional, Scandinavian takes inspiration from the simplicity in mid-century modern and took it one step further in uniquely fluid designs that flourished in Nordic Europe.


Unconventional and arty, Bohemian is an ode to the creativity in every individual, playing with colours, patterns, and many unique multicultural elements creating the interior as the inside of their mind.


Like time travel in the present, Eclectic merges the highlights in design, style and colours over many time periods, and bring the best to every part of the interior.