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A fine blend of classic and contemporary, transitional is both smooth and sleek, along with elegant and comforting. It adopts neutral colors, merging the masculine and feminine, and presents a look that is both clean and intricate.

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transitional rugs

What are Transitional Rugs?

Transitional rugs often confuse a lot of people who are interested in buying rugs. Yet, ironically, it ends up being the kind of rug a lot of people invest in due to its versatility. These rugs combine the best of modern rugs and traditional rugs, borrowing elements from both the styles. A transitional carpet may have designs that are typical to traditional rugs with colors often seen on a modern rug, or vice versa. What is great about transitional rugs is that they suit a wide range of aesthetic sensibilities and can be used to add style and personality to any space, residential, official, or commercial. At Jaipur Rugs you will find a plethora of transitional area rugs online, both hand tufted and hand knotted, featuring unique designs and colors. These rugs are the perfect example of how we bring together the 2500 years-old tradition of carpet weaving by skilled craftspeople and our modern design prowess. Buy transitional rugs for when you want to want to build a space that is the perfect mix of old and new, modern and vintage.

How To Know if a Transitional Carpet Is Apt for Your Space?

Handmade rugs are pieces of art that you can walk on. Each is different from the other with design, color, and material peculiarities that bring out a different aesthetic appeal in each rug. This is why transitional silk rugs and transitional wool rugs are easy choices as they satisfy every taste and every room. Irrespective of whether your room has antique or modern furniture, a transitional rug can easily transform the space and make disparate elements look anchored. Transitional rugs are like the denim of rugs, they never go out of style and are timeless, no matter what the current decor trends are.

When you buy transitional rugs, make sure you take stock of the room is size and the kind of decor elements that feature in the space. Is it lacking color or does it fall a little flat? Or do you need to anchor too many furniture pieces for the space to look more unified? What purpose do you need the rug for? For instance, transitional silk rugs are the perfect investment for a study room or the bedroom while transitional wool rugs can be used in high traffic areas like the living and dining space. No matter what the room or its decor demands, Jaipur Rugs has a selection of transitional area rugs online that is hard to resist.

If that was not enough to convince you, let us tell you that a transitional carpet can look as at home in an Indian house as it will in a Scandinavian one. If you think you need an even stronger punch for the space, a transitional custom rug with a color, material, and even design of your choice will be just the right thing. Our collection of transitional area rugs online also includes the artisan rugs which are a first-of-its-kind collection which feature designs by the artisans themselves.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Transitional Area Rugs Online?

More than adding a rug to your living room, when you buy rugs online from Jaipur Rugs, you bring home a hundred artisan stories that are woven into each rug. Our transitional rugs are no different. Each transitional carpet is meticulously woven by our artisans, some of which even feature their own designs. We are the bridge that connects these artisans to customers on a global level with the help of easy payment options, fast delivery, and a lifelong customer-artisan relationship.

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