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Not sure what’s the right rug for your space?

We have crafted a rug guide with all the essentials to help you find the perfect fit.


Standard rug sizes for each room

Illustration featured 72" (6 ft.) 3 seater sofa.

Illustration featured a King Size Bed (Approx. 6 ft. X 6.5 ft.)


Standard rug sizes for each room

Illustration featured 72" (180 cm.) 3 seater sofa.

Illustration featured a King Size Bed (Approx. 180 cm. X 198 cm.)


When you see the back of the rug you can see a lot of small knots, machine made carpets have equal and symmetrical knots and is hard on the back – sometimes you can see almost a white sheer at the back, while a handmade carpet will have unequal and asymmetrical knots.
Before choosing rugs or carpets for high traffic areas you should look at thickness, rigidity and material of the carpet. Darker colored rugs with low pile height are best. Well-made wool, bamboo silk, Jute and synthetics rugs and carpets are best material for high traffic.
Yes, many of our customers do use them as wall art, tapestries. You can see wall rugs collection here.
Yes, we make customized rugs and carpets. You simply need to choose from our existing designs and alter them or provide your own design. The time frame depends on the quality and size of the rug production. See more here.
We recommend a rug pad under every rug. It will keep your rug in place and provides more cushion underfoot. It'll extend the life of your floor covering as well as protect your floors rom scratchy debris that can accumulate underneath.
Mostly we use cotton base, which is called warp. However on special request and in Kashmiri rugs silk base is also used.
Pure Silk is made by the silk worm while bamboo silk and viscose are an artificial form of silk. Both Bamboo silk comes from Bamboo plant and Viscose is made from wood pulp. However, in most cases fiber length and strength of bamboo silk is more than viscose.
All carpets usually have a shiny side as well as a matt side to it. The carpet should always be placed from the light/shiny side so that its sheen is visible. It is also recommended to not put heavy pointed table over carpet. If table need to be placed in middle, always use some flat wood to keep table above it.
It really makes less difference; especially now-a-days rooms are well air-conditioned. There is a study that proves that a wool carpet reduces the air conditioning bills in the summer as it retains cool air.
Rug layering is quite popular these days. If you prefer a more cohesive feel, you can use multiple rugs in any room in your home by picking patterns, colors, and sizes of rugs that complement each other. Look for online rugs inspirations here.

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Silk rugs are loved for their lavishness, softness, sheen, sustainability and finer details.

  • lustre & shine lustre & shine
  • valuable valuable
  • soft in touch soft in touch


The most common material used, Wool is prized for its durability & with a subtle matt look

  • absorbs moisture absorbs moisture
  • repels soil repels soil
  • fire resistant fire resistant


Durable & renewable. Jute rugs are a combination of neutral, earthy palettes and rich textures.

  • sustainable sustainable
  • coarse coarse
  • high traffic rugs high traffic rugs


Mostly used to make flat-weave rugs like dhurries & kilims, Cotton is natural and comfortable.

  • easy to clean easy to clean
  • lightweight lightweight
  • breathable breathable


Made from bamboo plant & wood pulp, it is originally created to mimic more expensive natural silk.

  • lustre & shine lustre & shine
  • anti-microbial anti-microbial
  • soft in touch soft in touch


Jaipur Rugs Hand-Knotted Rugs & Carpet
Jaipur Rugs Hand-Knotted Pile Height

Pile Height – Low to medium. Non-Skid, comfortable to walk upon.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Knotted Durability and Intricacy

Durability and Intricacy – Product life of 15+ years. High design intricacy.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Knotted How to Identify

How to Identify – knots are visible on the back the rug, density of knots decides the intricacy of design.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Knotted Weaving Technique

Weaving Technique – Yarns knotted on warp thread. Extremely intricate, durable and valuable.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Tufted Rugs & Carpet
Jaipur Rugs Hand-Tufted Pile Height

Pile Height – medium to high. Non-Skid, comfortable to walk upon.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Tufted Durability and Intricacy

Durability and Intricacy – Product life of 4-7 years. All sort of design with average intricacy.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Tufted How To Identify

How To Identify - Canvas or poly propylene backing.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Tufted Weaving Technique

Weaving Technique – Tufted Rugs made with loops of yarn instead of knots.

Jaipur Rugs Flat-Weave Rugs & Carpet
Jaipur Rugs Flat-Weave Pile Height

Pile Height – Flat, no pile height. Anti-Skid Rug Pad is Suggested.

Jaipur Rugs Flat-Weave Durability and Intricacy

Durability and Intricacy – Product life of 4-7 years. Basic geometric and Kilims Designs.

Jaipur Rugs Flat-Weave How To Identify

How To Identify – Flat woven rugs, lightweight and mostly reversible.

Jaipur Rugs Flat-Weave Weaving Technique

Weaving Technique – These are made by warp and weft threads on a loom.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Loom Rugs & carpet
Jaipur Rugs Hand-Loom Pile Height

Pile Height – Low to medium. Non-Skid, comfortable to walk.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Loom Durability and Intricacy

Durability and Intricacy – Product life of 4-7 years. Mostly solid/single color rugs.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Loom How To Identify

How To Identify – These rugs usually have a low to medium pile and canvas backing.

Jaipur Rugs Hand-Loom Weaving Technique

Weaving Technique - Weavers use a loom to create these rugs by interweaving of the weft threads.



  • As rugs are shipped in a sealed bag, odors from dyes and fibers can accumulate over time. Unroll your rug and allow it to air out.
  • Lay flat or rolling the rug with the pile facing outwards and the wrinkles will disappear in a few days. Know More


  • Regular vacuuming is recommended, especially for rugs prone to shredding.
  • Don’t rub stains as it can cause them to become set in the fiber, rather blot them with an undyed clean cloth by pressing firmly to absorb as much as possible.
  • Professional rug cleaning is recommended. Know More


  • Place in dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Never fold the rug, store your rug by rolling its front side out and wrap in a cloth for protection.
  • Rotating the rug will extend the life of the rug Know More


  • Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening rug piles.
  • Use rug pad beneath your area rug. It offers a shielding wall between the rug and the floor beneath.

Frequently you should have your rug cleaned by professional rug cleaners. Make sure that your rug cleaning professional knows the construction type and the fiber content of your rug or carpet.