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If you own a hand-knotted rug, here’s what we’ve got for you:

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About the program

A rug defines the appearance of a space. However, over a period of time, factors like dust, stains and normal wear and tear change the look and feel of the rug. To maintain the condition of your rug, it is hence important to seek for professional help at regular intervals. It is important to remember that the less damaged the rug is, the easier it is to restore and the less costly the repair. Jaipur Rugs is happy to help you with repair and maintenance services on any handmade rug, even ones purchased from other brands. With 40 years of experience in crafting handmade rugs, we have experts who can work meticulously on your rug and breathe fresh life back into it. Our professional staff has the know-how to repair even the finest wool & silk hand-knotted rugs. Visit us at our stores in Delhi and Jaipur, and let our rug-experts work some magic to renew your carpet.