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Artisan Originals

For weavers in rural Rajasthan, to create something entirely of their own on an unassuming loom was something they never imagined would happen. This initiative has been introduced by Jaipur Rugs which taps into the untamed fashion from the villages of India. It experiments with the originality of rural craftsmen to nurture their creative potential, which is unexplored at a global stage. For the first time ever, weavers get to be the designers of their own rugs. Each rug in the collection is a masterpiece for the design inspiration it weaves. It is imbued with the individuality of its artisan evident in unique artistry.

Let the magic of Inspirations mesmerize you.

Artisan Originals. Unveiled.

James Allen, explores the beauty behind the
Manchahas. In this video, he shares the
extraordinary story behind ‘Mandir’, which
he eventually discovered when he talked
to Sonia, the designer weaver behind this
unique art-masterpiece.

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When designs from rural India meet
plush interiors of a modern house-
hold, it creates a combination which
speaks of uniqueness in itself. The
Manchaha is much sought after by
art lovers, designers, and patrons
worldwide, and owning it, as they
say, is an experience in itself.

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