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Every room is different, every person has a unique perspective and desire. You may want your rug to be tailored just right for you and for your room, or express the art inside you and find a place for it inside your living space.

Explore your imagination come to life, customize and create your own rugs!

Customise your rug

Pick out your favourite designs from our vast range of patterns and let us know the custom size, shape, colour and material you want. We’ll bring them all together and you’ll find it at your doorstep on time!

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Create your own rug

While every design is a destination, creating your own is a journey. Travel through your wildest imaginations and have them come to life on elegantly crafted pieces of art!

Share your favourite design, sketch, image, painting, inspiration or story and create it with us!

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Custom Rugs & Personalized Size Carpets Online

Rugs do more than just providing underfoot comfort, insulating a room or muffling sound. They help you bring a focal point to the room and anchor all its existing decor elements. Be it a colour tone, adding interesting texture, or playing with patterns—the right rug can elevate your room just like that. But, if you want to create a space that speaks of you and your personality through its decor, custom rugs are the way to go. When you buy custom size rugs online, you get to select the exact size, the unique colour, the complimenting texture, an interesting shape and an other-worldy pattern that’s never been seen before.

At Jaipur Rugs, we take customising up a notch by offering an all-round customisation option that lets you choose more than just the size. From traditional rugs to designer rugs , or even just solid rugs that need your special touch, Jaipur Rugs is where you can buy custom size area rugs with zero hassle.

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