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Buy a 120x180 rug online in the UK.

The best grey rugs are grey rugs 120x180 and are available online in the UK by visiting the Jaipur Rugs website. Our family-owned and operated business carries the finest quality handcrafted rugs worldwide. In particular, we offer a tremendous selection of 4x6 feet of carpet that can sizzle up your home quickly. Start your search today and find the next rug to perfect your room.

Explore various styles of 120x180 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UK.


Modern 4 x 6 rugs are also considered as contemporary decorating pieces for your stylish home. These rugs are neutral and vibrant colours with simple geometric patterns to bring your room to life.


Traditional rugs or 120x180 cm rug are historic rugs that have been used worldwide for thousands of years. They are considered the original rugs first made by man. These rugs provide a unique sense of elegance and old-fashioned style for your design needs.


Transitional distressed carpet is the perfect blend for individuals who cannot choose the perfect rug for their home. It blends the style and colours of modern and traditional abstract rugs together to form the ideal rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other empty space in your home.

Different types of 120x180 rugs and Weaving Techniques

Hand Knotted

Hand-knotted 4x6 feet carpet is tied knot by knot and line by line via a unique printing style. It requires a high degree of skill by craftsmen to ensure that the 120x180 carpet is incredibly durable and intricately designed.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted distressed area rugs are a unique alternative to hand-knotted rugs. They are built with a hand-operated tool that allows professional artisans to elongate fibrous strands along a canvas, thus creating an elegant effect that brings luxury to your home.

Hand Loom

Handloom carpet 120x180 rugs are monotone traditional rugs that are built with looms by hand. These rugs are highly versatile in regard to piles and textures. They take 2 months to develop and are given a printed finish for their intricate design.

Flat Weaves

A flat weave 120x180 rug can be thought of as a thick cloth. They are made flat on a loom with a very slim line to ensure their durability and flexibility in your home. Flat-woven rugs are cost-friendly, mobile, and versatile, which can be used indoors or outdoors.


Patchwork 120x180 rug is created by ‘patching’ different pieces of hand-knotted rugs into a larger, single rug. It gives rise to a unique design style as different colour combinations and stylistic patterns from other rugs come together to form one. They can be made by hand or machines, but regardless, they are known for the longest longevity in the rug market.


Shag rugs is a 120x180 rug with long-haired fibres with an unkempt appearance. They are long and curly with a deep pile that allows them to develop a fuzzy appearance.

Placement of 120x180 rugs

The best placement of these rugs is as an outdoor rug. It functions best as an outdoor rug 120x180 that can spread out on the patio and add delightful colour and style to your outdoors. The outdoor rug 120 x 180 is ideal for those looking to spruce up the nature side of their home.



How big is a 120x180 cm rug?

A 120x180 rug in feet equals a 4x6 ft rug..

What material is best for a 4x6 rug?

The best material for a 4x6 feet rug is jute rugs. Jute rugs are made of soft material that is incredibly durable. This makes it an optimal area rug for most homes looking for new carpet.

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