size 150x240 cm rugs


size 150x240 cm rugs

Buy a 150x240 rug online at Jaipur Rugs UK

There are dozens of 5 X 8 Feet Area Rug or 150x240 rug options. Choose a 150x240 rug for red rugs, geometric rugs, flatweave rugs, modern rugs, and more by separating your search via our intuitive filter feature. A 150x240 rug is a perfect choice for any space in your home. But, in particular, it is optimal for the living room. It can truly redefine your living space while providing an extra boost of contemporary appeal.

Aside from boosting the style factor of your space, the transcendent nature of a natural 150x240 rug can include timeless abstracts, modern geometry, simple color concepts, and much more. Whether you want an elegantly designed fashion statement or an accent piece to break up the monotony of your space, Jaipur Rugs has got you covered.



What are standard rug sizes?

Standard rug sizes are as follows: 3x5, 5x8 feet rug, 8x10, 9x12, and 12x15.

What is the most popular size of rug for living room?

From the standard rug sizes, the most popular size of rug for your living room is 5 x 8 rugs. The 5x8 ft rug is popular because it fits most standard-size living rooms in contemporary houses across the world. Without measuring your room, you should have no problem integrating a 5x8 ft carpet into your living space.

Where to place 150x240  rugs?

A 150x240 cm rug is best placed in your living room. This size will add a hearty look of simplicity, elegance, and lucidity to your space. Our vibrant and subtle color schemes will pair well with any style of a living room that you have.

How big is a 150x240 rug?

A 5x8 feet rug in cm is equal to a 150x240 carpet.

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