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A 60x90 rug could be the next great accent piece for your home. Whether you choose from our selection of 2x3 grey rugs or modern rugs, this size is ideal for those looking to place a rug in their bathroom, underneath a chair, or in the office to elevate their residence to new heights. Start shopping on our online Jaipur Rugs website today to find your needs. Browse for a 60x90 rug that has a small size, a big style, and adds a decorative pop to your place. Filter over 400 rugs by color, material, price, shape, weaving technique, style, and more to find what you are looking for.

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A modern 60x90 rug is considered a contemporary decorating piece for your stylish home. These rugs consist of neutral and vibrant colors with simple geometric patterns to bring your room to life.


Traditional 60x90 carpets or oriental rugs are historic rugs that have been used across the world for thousands of years. They are considered the original rug first made by man. These rugs provide a unique sense of elegance and antiquated style for your design needs.


A transitional 60x90cm carpet is the perfect blend for individuals who cannot decide on the perfect rug for their home. It blends the style and colors of modern and traditional abstract rugs together to form the ideal rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other empty space in your home.

Placement of 60x90cm rugs


A 60x90 rug can be ideal for the kitchen. It works well with being placed in front of the sink or oven as an extra mat to add a decorative pop to the space.


The entryway to your garage, foyer, or front door is an excellent area to place a 60x90 rug. It acts as a formidable accent piece that isn’t overzealous, but rather complementary.


Placing small rugs in the bathroom in front of the sink, shower, or bathtub is an acceptable placement. 60x90 rugs located here are extremely common and help prevent the sterile, bland nature of bathrooms in general.

Living Room

In the living room, a 60x90 rug can be an excellent choice under a small table or perhaps in front of a recliner. This size rug is too small to function as a centerpiece for the room.


Placing this size rug in front of the grill, at the end of a walkway, or in front of the patio entrance are the most acceptable places to place a 2x3 ft carpet.



What are standard rug sizes?

Standard rug sizes are as follows: 3x5, 5x8, 8x10, 9x12, and 12x15.

What is the smallest carpet size?

The smallest carpet size is 2x3 rugs or 2x3 ft carpets.

What size is a 2x3 ft rug?

A 2x3 ft rug is a 60x90cm rug.

Is it better for a rug to be too big or too small?

Small rugs and large rugs are entirely dependent on your room size. First, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of your room. After obtaining the dimensions, measure inward approximately 18-24 inches around the walls of the room to find the appropriate length of your rug. Although it is acceptable to use a smaller rug for the room, 18-24 inches from the wall is the largest rug you should buy. This will ensure that your room remains proportionate and avoid the look of new carpet traversing your entire floor. Rugs are meant to cover only a segment of your room.



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tpl-114 gold hand tufted Rugs £120
tnq-4309 blue hand tufted Rugs £120
esk-441 blue hand knotted Rugs £550
akws-3001 red and orange hand knotted Rugs £500
qm-951 pink and purple hand knotted Rugs £1,880
tx-1716 blue hand knotted Rugs £550
esk-400 green hand knotted Rugs £550
asl-01 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £2,140
phwv-92 blue hand loom Rugs £110
esk-433 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs £550
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