size 90x150 cm rugs


size 90x150 cm rugs

Buy a 90x150 rug online at Jaipur Rugs UK

The online store at Jaipur Rugs UK enables you to filter by size and further by color, design, style, and material. If you are looking to purchase carpets online under the size of a 90x150 rug, we encourage you to also search 3x5 ft carpet to optimize your rug search as best as possible.

How to choose the right 90x150 rug for your home?

By Material

Choosing the right 3 x 5 rugs by material can be difficult. But, at Jaipur Rugs India we offer several different options to choose from. From wool, silk, and viscose, to jute, cotton, and many more, we enable your shopping experience to be complete and versatile. Whether you want something soft and smooth or durable and stiff, you can browse our rugs by material for your needs. Start searching for a 3x5 ft rug and a 90x150 cm rug today.

By Design

90x150 cm carpet is the go-to rug for homes if you are looking to deploy your elegant and high-end design style that deviates from modern rugs. Specifically, in living rooms, rugs that are made of silk and have vibrant, fortifying patterns are used for this space. More commonly, living rooms incorporate a sense of traditionalism through rugs, couches, pillows, and other decors so you may want to consider a 3x5 feet rug for this space.

By Colours

The best 3x5 feet carpet is one that defines a space and sets the tone for using it. It might be a pop of color, a neutral backdrop, or a pattern that ties the room together. Each space may have area rugs that are uniquely suited to its purposes. You can either pair a neutral-colored rug with vibrant walls or vice versa to adequately design your space. Examples of neutral-colored rugs for sale at Jaipur Rugs India are blue rug, gray carpets, and much more.

By Size

It is best to measure the dimensions of your room prior to selecting a traditional rug. You want to give your rug some buffer room of about 18” to 24” from the edges to the wall in order to ensure a great fit. Allowing for a buffer zone will allow the rug to act as an accent piece or rather a focal point for the room.

Placement of 90x150 rugs

A 90x150 rug can best be used as runner rugs and bedroom rugs. These rugs can be placed in short hallways looking for an extra accent piece to add style to the house. In addition, the 90x150 rug can add a sense of fashion to the bedroom by being placed in front of the bed because it adds perspective and depth to the room.



How big is a 90x150cm rug?

90x150 carpet is also considered 3x5 feet. It is approximately the size of a coffee table in your house.

How do you tell if a rug is too small for a room?

If you decide to use a rug as a centerpiece for a room, it is best that you find a rug that is at least half the size of the room. You can use smaller rugs, but they serve best as accent pieces away from the center. This will ensure that the room remains proportional and the carpet does not look out of place.

What size is a 3x5 ft rug?

A 3x5 ft rug is also considered a 90x150 rug.



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