Tribal rugs are picture perfect for homes. Tribal area rugs including tribal carpets & tribal runner rug add a dash of personality and color to any room. Tribal pattern rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors so you can find the modern tribal rug that best matches your home decorating style. A roun tribal rug or red tribal rug or tribal shag rug will tie any room together with their eclectic charms. Tribal carpets add life to what would otherwise be an average space. We offer a wide range of tribal rugs for sale including bedroom rugs, small rugs, flatweave rugs, modern rugs, multicolour rugs, tribal kilim rugs, tribal wool rugs, tribal outdoor rugs & more.


What are tribal rugs?

Tribal rugs pay homage to many cultures, tribes, and other ancient groups that have traversed the great plains of the earth since its inception. Tribal carpet is known for containing elegant, yet compelling symbols and patterns that embody the cultural heritage of each tribal group. Whether you are looking to purchase a tribal area rug for style, to embrace your own background, or to support the values that align with another culture, tribal rugs can be a tremendous way to add meaning to your home in a new way.

Shop tribal rugs online in UK

Though many rug shops have tribal rugs for sale, they are not necessarily of quality and durability. Luckily, at Jaipur Rugs UK we have an extensive curation of tribal rugs that are inspired by cultures and communities all over the globe.

 Thus, you should consider purchasing your next tribal rug from Jaipur Rugs because of our commitment to quality. Our family business has been operating for more than 20 years with long-standing artisans that are masters at their craft. Check out our collection today and look for a red tribal rug, tribal shag rug, round tribal rug, tribal kilim rugs, or tribal wool rug to style your apartment, condo, or townhome today.

Explore various styles of tribal rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UK


Not only do we carry the finest tribal rugs, but they are available in a modern style. A modern tribal rug may be what you need to put the finishing touches in your contemporary house. Modern rugs handcrafted with simple colors like blue and grey with symbolic representation can really separate the various elements in your household.


Perhaps, you might have an inkling to purchase something a bit more traditional and directly reflective of tribal culture. That is why we offer traditional and oriental rugs for our customers. This style of tribal pattern rug can really bring out the historical qualities in a home. With ancient representations of hidden messages in conjunction with a beautiful color scheme, traditional tribal rugs are your go-to choice.


You might be curious about our third style of tribal rug you can purchase. That is our transitional rug. This is an incredibly pervasive choice for individuals looking to acquire a tribal rug that is not modern nor traditional. Transitional rugs are known for being a trendy option for many because of their unique blend of design.



Are tribal rugs trendy?

Tribal rugs are seriously one of the most trendy rugs we offer. In particular, grey rugs and black and white tribal are the colors that most of our consumers often buy to suit their home. This is because black, white, and grey can pair greatly with any theme in your residence. Also, small rugs have become increasingly popular among younger generations. They are often used to layer a room or decorate around a larger piece of furniture.

Where to place the tribal rugs?

Tribal rugs are known for being multi-purposeful. A tribal outdoor rug, tribal runner, or tribal runner rug are some of the ideas for how you can use your purchase to style various spaces throughout the house. Aside from these options, there is also the possibility of using tribal rugs as bedroom rugs. Normally, anywhere that is considered communal is an optimal place for a tribal rug.

Are tribal rugs easy to clean?

Tribal rugs are definitely easy to clean. As long as you follow the cleaning principles shared with you online, there should not be an issue. All you really need is a vacuum and some elbow grease to scrub out any stains when necessary.



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pae-1061 gold hand knotted Rugs £900
les-751 gold hand knotted Rugs £3,060
pae-281 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs £810
tra-13549 blue hand tufted Rugs £730
tlr-18 grey and black hand tufted Rugs £730
tra-13534 red and orange hand tufted Rugs £730
afkw-21 multi hand knotted Rugs £990
les-854 grey and black hand knotted Rugs £2,000
ulp-05 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs £1,220
les-887 ivory hand knotted Rugs £11,650
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