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Zig Zag Collection

By- DAAA Haus

Walk the Line Between Volume & Void

The Zig Zag handmade carpet collection, a collaboration between the international studio DAAA Haus and Jaipur Rugs, stands as an innovative testament to modern abstract art. The carpets in this collection are an intricate interplay of bold, irregular black volumes set against a pristine white negative space, meticulously connected by a slender thread of vibrant colour. Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, a significant influence on DAAA Haus's design ethos, the Zig Zag collection delves into the profound concept of existence with the visual representation of the essence of life itself.

The stark contrast between the black and white symbolizes the dichotomy of our world. Here, the black represents the structures and creations that humans build, such as architecture and products, while the white signifies the void, the negative space from which all meaning emanates. In this metaphorical representation, humans find their place as the creators and givers of life. Despite the zig-zag nature of our journeys through life, the touch of colour in the Zig Zag stitching serves as a vibrant reminder of our presence.


The intricate design of the carpet is inspired by the echoes of a close-up of a rubble wall that comes to life, celebrating the beauty found in the overlooked details of our daily lives.


A testament to the enduring allure of an ancient Roman mosaic. Delve into the intricate patterns that pay homage to the rich history and artistic legacy of this classical inspiration that transcends time, drawing from the lines, angles, and textures of an ancient mosaic.


This rug takes the centre stage, drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of ceramic jars. Immerse yourself in the graceful lines and tactile textures that pay homage to the art of pottery. The essence of ceramic craftsmanship comes to life.

Cross Section

From the rugged charm of a rubble wall to the sophisticated softness of Gio Ponti’s armchair, the Zig Zag Collection invites you to explore a diverse spectrum of inspirations. Join us on this visual exploration, where each carpet is a testament to the rich interplay between design legacy and contemporary expression, weaving together stories that traverse architecture, furniture history.

Jaipur rugs

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