10x14 Ft. Size Rugs

Scaling Large Spaces With the Beauty & Comfort of Our Rugs & Carpets Collection.

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10x14 Ft. Size Rugs

Large area rugs have a magical way of transforming a room. Imagine stepping onto a plush, handwoven canvas that stretches across your living room or dining area. These generously sized handmade rugs are best to upgrade the overall view, providing new standards to your style and comfort. Explore how these magnificent rugs and carpets strike a balance between visual harmony and cozy living. Explore a range of premium handcrafted rugs in various sizes like 2x3 ft., 4x6 ft., 5x8 ft., 6x9 ft., 8x10 ft., 9x12 ft., 12x15 ft., and oversized rugs. And if you worry about the design and pattern falling short of your liking, sit back and relax because this collection has everything! We have something for every taste and space, from sleek modern rugs to heirloom traditional rugs.

- Large Rugs provide ample coverage, effortlessly uniting different furniture pieces. Whether under your dining table or beneath the sofa set, large modern rugs ensure that no corner feels left out. The result? A harmonious flow that ties the room together.
- Size matters, especially when it comes to area rugs. The eye-catching expanse draws attention, making your room feel more substantial and inviting. It’s like rolling out a red carpet for your everyday life.
- Picture sinking your toes into the soft fibers of a handwoven rug. The thick pile cushions your steps, making every walk across the room delightful.
- Hardwood floors and echoing tiles can create unwanted noise. Enter the 10x14 ft rug, the unsung hero of acoustic balance. Its dense weave absorbs sound, creating a serene environment. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening, your ears will thank you.
- These rugs age gracefully, gaining character over time, and become cherished pieces that connect generations. 

Shop Designer Large Area Rugs To Upgrade Your View & Space Instantly

- Discover an exquisite range of weaving techniques like hand-knotted, hand-tufted, handloom, flatweave, and more.
- Explore a variety of vibrant rug patterns, such as Geometric, Abstract, Floral, Distressed, and more, to elevate the artistic beauty of your floors.
- Find the Ideal Rug for Your Spacious Living Room with Experts
- Add Elegance to Your Bedroom Decor with a Stylish Shaggy Rug
- Define Your Dining Space with Luxurious Modern Rugs.

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