What Causes Carpet Buckling and Ways in Which You can Get Rid of It

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If the sudden wrinkles and ripples on your carpet is making you cringe every time you step on it or even look at it, then we have the perfect carpet buckling fix for you. Carpet buckling is something that happens when there is excess moisture in the environment, or even when large objects, like furniture, are moved across the carpet. 

This is all the more bothersome if it happens to wall-to-wall carpets as it usually means that you’ll have to put in quite some effort to fix this issue. However, if you let carpet buckling be as-is for long, then it might leave creases on the carpet which even an expert can’t fix anymore. 

Therefore, when it comes to carpet buckling fix, the wise thing to do is take preventive measures instead of later looking for a cure. 

What's The Root Cause?

Before you go ahead and try to find a carpet buckling fix, it is wise to understand what is causing your carpet to wrinkles in the first place. Not only will this help you find the best possible cure, but it also prevents it from buckling again in the future.


Following are some of the most common reasons why your carpet is buckling:

  • The Carpet Is Still Wet From Cleaning;

After cleaning the Carpet, Carpet buckling is one of the most common reasons that cause it to wrinkle and eventually crease. If your Carpet isn't entirely dried after being washed, which means it still has moisture in it, it can lead to wrinkling and browning. Moisture makes the carpet swell, eventually leading to ugly wrinkles on the surface. 

Every time you wash your carpet, make sure that it is scorched so the fibers can go back to their previous state. 

  • Humidity

Humidity is veritably one of the worst enemies of your carpet. If not dealt with, it will inevitably lead to carpet buckling. If you live in a high humid region, then your carpet is all the more susceptible to buckling as the moisture seeps into the carpet. If the humidity returns to stock enough for the fibers to recalibrate to its initial state, then the chances are that it will lay flat again without having to call for reinforcement. 

  • Dragging Furniture Or Other Heavy Items Across The Carpet

It is expected that in a house, you will need to reshuffle your furniture and move other heavy objects from one place to another from time to time. However, if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, then this might be a risky thing to do as the objects tug on the carpet and causes it to stretch. This stretch will eventually lead to carpet buckling. 

  • Improper installation

Carpet buckling after cleaning isn't always the only thing to take care of.  Sometimes improper installation of carpet can be the reason for carpet buckling in the first place.  It is crucial that a wall-to-wall carpet is installed carefully, stretched tightly, and then secured with tack strips along its edges. 

If it isn't stretched tightly enough, then the chances of your carpet buckling are high. 

  • The Wrong Rug Pad

We can't emphasize enough the importance of the right rug pad for your carpet. It should be dense enough to support the carpet and be right to the carpet size

  • Loose backing

A broadloom has two backings - a primary one: what the fibers are fastened to, and a second one binds the carpet together. The secondary backing is the one you see at the back of the carpet when turned over. The process of the secondary backing detaching from the primary one is called delamination. 

It can lead to the latex adhesive breaking down. It leaves the top of the carpet free to move and eventually buckle.  Delamination is something that usually happens when the carpet is wet or has a manufacturing defect. 

Hacks To Fix Carpet Buckling:



  1. If your carpet is still wet from cleaning, it is best to let it dry out completely, down to the last fiber, before you place it again.
  2. Make sure the carpet is stretched adequately during installation using a power stretcher. It will reduce the chances of your carpet buckling. 
  3. Suppose you are installing the carpet in a humid region for most of the year or experiencing drastic weather changes. 
    In that case, we suggest you allow the carpet to acclimate before installing it. To further avoid carpet buckling, you can keep a dehumidifier in the room to maintain stable humidity in the room the carpet is installed in. It will take moisture out of the room, and consequently, out of the carpet too. 
  4. When moving heavy furniture or other heavy items across the room, the carpet is installed in; you must take extra precautions as this can be a direct reason that your carpet buckles. In this case, it is best to lift the item and carry it. If that isn't possible, you can place the object on two plywood pieces and move it across by "walking" the item across the room.
  5. If your rug's dimensions don't match your room's dimensions, this can also lead to carpet buckling. In this case, you can get a custom carpet made from Jaipur Rugs to fit it in your room to the exact inch. 


Nobody would want their expensive, favorite carpet to buckle due to silly mistakes that can be quickly taken care of.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind to avoid carpet buckling for a long time. After all, when it comes to carpet buckling fix, prevention is better than cure. 



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