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Jaipur — Land of the Maharajas

Colorful rituals, enchanted palaces and ivory forts. Our company is based in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, in the North West of India. The city’s culture, architecture and ethos resonate in everything single rug we produce, making it unique.

Rajasthan is a name of Hindustani origin. It means “The Land of Desert”, a reference to the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert that occupies most of its territory. It also means “The Land of Kings”, because several kingdoms flourished here during the medieval and early modern era.

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Built in 1727, Jaipur quickly became a melting pot of people and ideas thanks to its visionary rulers, who surrounded themselves with the best artists and artisans of their times.

This remarkable cultural heritage can be seen today in crafts such as the blue pottery and the iron carving, or in traditional performances like the Ghoomar and Chari dances.

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In 1876, Maharaja Ram Singh had the whole Jaipur painted pink, the color of hospitality in India, to welcome Queen Victoria’s son, Albert Edward. After the guest had left, Ram Singh passed a law to maintain the peculiar terracotta color for any future building in the city. Jaipur has been known as the Pink City ever since.

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Today, Jaipur is a vibrant city in which you can find street flute players and women in color-drenched saris side by side with sophisticated designers and curators of edgy contemporary art galleries. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is still considered India’s shopping mecca.

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