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Floors serve as blank canvases for you to express your creative vision. Rugs and carpets are the ultimate keys to painting that picture and injecting a unique, luxurious essence into the space. Whether your home is styled with a retro vision or aims at contemporary decor, Jaipur Rugs online lets you pick from a wide collection. You can choose from a rug collection based on weaving methods like hand-knotted, hand-woven rugs and style your home for a remarkable transformation.

What are Rugs & Carpets?

Rugs and carpets are the decorative fabrics covering the space's flooring and bringing a designer touch to the room. Every built area, indoors or outdoors, has a place to keep these rugs. The coarse fabric aids in the maintenance of the floor and makes the room look more organized.

To inject a sense of cosiness, go for the idea of introducing rugs to the room. It also helps in binding the whole space together. Rugs and carpets are the keys to making a room warmer and more welcoming.

Why do you need a Rug or Carpet in your home?

Whether it is living room rugs or a kitchen carpet, these have a significant role in form and function. These soft furnishings protect the floor from getting damaged and, at the same time, accentuate the aesthetics of the room.

Rugs can also be used to add character to the room. A blue rug can make the space look fresher and more vibrant, while you can explore the neutral tones to keep the decor sublime. Carefully selecting rugs and carpets can add a designer touch to your home.

Refurbish Your Home with Our Beautiful Designer Rugs & Carpets

Your home needs the best options of rugs for enhanced aesthetics. Jaipur Rugs offer a wide range of designer pieces where each one speaks its unique design language. You can choose from an expansive color palette, endless pattern options, and different textures. Refurbish your homes with these exquisite rugs collection and let your creativity speak through the decor. Explore the Anatolia range for modern rugs and the collection of Aurora and Gulnaar for a traditional touch.

Jaipur Rugs has been serving the design industry for a long time. Jaipur Rugs has collaborated with famous architects and interior designers worldwide like Ashiesh Shah, Vinita Chaitanya, and many others to add a decorative edge to their projects.

Explore Various Styles of Luxurious Rugs & Carpets available at Jaipur Rugs


You can welcome modern rugs inside your home that have a vibrant color scheme. It can either be a blue rug with geometric patterns to add contrast to the room or subtle tones can be chosen to tie the entire look together. The vibrant charm of the Genesis and Hacienda range at Jaipur Rugs can induce a visual excitement in the space.


Traditional rugs add a timeless charm to the space. The color palette can be chosen as per the design language in the house. A few of the most trendy designs offered at Jaipur Rugs are the range of Akida, Mythos, and Imara rugs.


A transitional rug finds the balance between modern and vintage. These rugs enable the two contrasting design languages to exist together in a room and promise vibrancy while maintaining sophistication with their designs. The beautiful ranges of Confetti, Lacuna, and Kilan collections at Jaipur Rugs are worth exploring, owing to their unparalleled aesthetic patterns.

Different types of Rugs and Weaving Techniques at Jaipur Rugs

The team at Jaipur Rugs has mastered different weaving techniques, and each method generates matchless and unique rug designs. Let's look into the different weaving approaches.

Hand Knotted

Jaipur Rugs embrace the hand-crafted techniques that go into composing these designer rugs. The hand-knotted rugs are carefully crafted, with individual knots coming together to form an eclectic design. The technique results in unique print styles with each carefully crafted knot.

Hand Tufted

The hand-tufted range of rugs and carpets is knitted with the help of a tufting gun. The outline is created, which serves as the guiding point for the artisans to pick and place the colors and patterns. Hand-tufted rugs allow a confluence of colors with unique shapes and designs.


The handloom technique is worked with warp and weft to create thick rugs. The interlocking of yarns is what composes the design of these carpets. Handloom rugs and carpets bring a designer flair with their hues, patterns, and composing techniques.

Flat Weaves

The method of flat weave is based on the interlocking of the colorful weft and warp threads. The premium materials in these rugs add a rich look to the interiors.


The traditional rugs with patchwork are designer pieces composed of different patches of hand-knotted rugs coming together to paint the bigger picture. Jaipur Rugs allow modern designs to coexist with traditional roots.


A thick pile of fabric with a stranded or shaggy look are the shag rugs. These are among the fluffy rugs and carpet designs. These rugs bring a cushiony touch beneath feet while also adding character to the room.

What do you need to consider before Buying Rugs and Carpets for Your Home Interiors?

To pick the best rugs for your home interiors, here are a few considerations to keep in mind while choosing from the options.

Shape and Size

Choose the shape and size of the rugs and carpets carefully. The selected item must complement the room size and shape of these rugs and blend well with the room's aesthetics.

Match with Your Room (Colour)

The existing mood board of the room must be kept in mind while selecting rugs. At the same time, a neutral-toned rug will keep the design language towards contemporary sensibilities, whereas a bright palette can be used to introduce drama to the room.


You need to consider the material and quality based on the usage and traffic of the space. While bedroom rugs can be considered in delicate material choice, hallway carpets must be high in quality.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Rugs & Carpets Online?

Jaipur Rugs is a brand known to be the original rug maker. The range of rugs and carpets offered online benefits not only the buyers but local artisans and communities as well. The brand runs with an underlying notion of not only bringing a decorative edge to the space through their designer rugs but also narrating cultural stories through their intricate craftsmanship.

The team works globally to take the authentic Indian essence around the world. Jaipur Rugs offers the finest collection of rugs online, with color tones ranging from muted to bold palettes and patterns varying from simple gradients to glamorous geometric patterns.



What rug means?

Rugs are carefully crafted pieces of cloth that nestle on the floor to protect it from damage and offer comfort to the users of the space beneath their feet.

What is the purpose of rugs?

The primary purpose of rugs and carpets is to bring a designer flair to the space. These fabrics can add depth to the room and bind the entire design together. Apart from that, rugs can also be used to define a space and safeguard the flooring.

How can you tell if a rug is of good quality?

Whether it's traditional rugs or modern designs, the quality of rugs can be defined by the crafting detail and the total number of knots per square inch. The greater the knots better is its durability.

What type of carpet is popular now?

While traditional carpets never got out of style, the bright and bold carpet is another popular design defining the current trend. These can further be adorned with dense patterns to exude eclecticism in the design.

What type of rug is easiest to keep clean?

Woollen and nylon rugs are extremely easy to maintain. These can be vacuumed to get rid of stains at once. Apart from the cleaning, these are incredibly durable for homes as well.

What size rug should you put in a living room?

The size of living room rugs is generally decided based on the layout and scale of the room. The most popular sizes opted for are 8x10 feet and 9x12 feet.

What type of rug is best for hardwood floors?

If your home has hardwood flooring in a room, an ideal material choice for the rugs is wool. The variety of shades available in these rugs and carpets can match any flooring tone and are incredibly durable.

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