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Jugalbandi - by Lorenzo Vitturi

Take a closer look at his design philosophy and the mesmerizing tapestries that came to be!

‘Jugalbandi’ was conceived from an invitation from the Jaipur Rugs Foundation to create a series of tapestries in Rajasthan. In Hindi, Jugalbandi means “intertwined twins”, a word used to indicate a musical performance between two soloists who play simultaneously”, and is here used to describe the creative dialogue that took place with the foundation and with the local weavers.

Lorenzo was captivated by the random sculptures that village life unconsciously creates in rural India and started an unconventional collaboration from London. Abstract forms in photographs he collected are transformed into graphic fragments, and juxtaposed to create a collection of organic multilayered figures. There are areas weavers could intervene during handcrafting, not only with their technique but also their own vision and ideas. With a motley of transcultural materials, each tapestry in ‘Jugalbandi’ is an excursion in aesthetic, taking one through a journey in experience, as well as design philosophy.

About Lorenzo

Lorenzo Vitturi (b. 1980, Italy) is a photographer and sculptor based in London. Formerly a cinema set painter, Vitturi has brought this experience into his photographic practice, which revolves around sitespecific interventions at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance. In Vitturi’s process, photography in conceived as a space of transformation, where different disciplines merge together to represent increasingly complex urban realities. Vitturi’s latest solo exhibitions have taken place at top galleries in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Luxembourg and in New York. He has also participated in many group exhibitions across the world and has a photo-book titled “Money Must Be Made”, in collaborations with Nigerian writer Emmanuel Iduma.

Lorenzo's inspirations for Jugalbandi Collection