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stain proof rugs

A game changer that shields your rugs against liquid spills. Just clean the spill immediately and make your carpets stain-proof. Try it now!


Stains won't stand a chance!

Adding a little extra protection to your rug has never been easier. With just a click of a button, you can choose to upgrade your rug with our stain-resistant coating.

This innovative solution will keep your rug looking beautiful for years to come, no matter what life throws its way. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, or just lounging with your pets, your rug will be ready for anything.

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Stain-Busting Guide for Stain Proof Rugs

Oh no! A spill on your stain proof rug! Don't panic, quick action is key to preventing any lasting damage. Follow these simple steps to keep your rug looking as good as new:

  1. Cover the spill with a clean, dry tissue or cloth
  2. Gently dab the area to remove the remaining liquid
  3. Spot clean for optimal care


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