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Did you know that rugs are not only used as floor coverings and design elements but can also pull your room together and make your home look more comfortable and inviting? A well-designed and well-fitted rug can make a place look more connected and defined. From oriental rugs to customized rugs, there are several options available in the market.

However, if you want to make a good investment, it's best to go for custom rugs. Reason with custom-made rugs, you get a choice to make your own rug. It can be inspired by a story, sketch, picture, or even a film. The material, patterns, size, color, everything will be your choice and you can ensure that it's complementing the rest of your home interiors. If you want to get a high-quality custom rug made, you can visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs to get unique, long-lasting custom rugs for your home.

Choose the best style to customize your rug

When you are looking for custom rugs online, it's very important to choose the correct color, size, design, and size of the custom carpets to ensure that they are matching the vibe of your space.

By Material:

Oriental rugs and vintage rugs are usually made from natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, and seagrass. Wool rugs provide comfort and add texture to your space. Designer rugs, on the other hand, are made from both synthetic and natural fibers. If you are planning to buy carpets for your living room, it's best to go for synthetic materials like viscose, nylon, polyester, and olefin as they can withstand heavy footfalls. Choosing the right material for customized rugs is very important if you want your rug to last.

By Design:

When choosing the design for your custom rugs, do keep in mind your home decor and furniture. Subtle custom-made rugs go best with patterned furniture and vibrant walls. However, if you have furniture with simple designs, go for patterned custom area rugs to make your space look more lively and refreshing.

By Colours:

When you get custom-made rugs, it's very important to choose a color that matches your home decor. Always go for neutral and earthy colors if your walls and furniture have neutral colors and you want to have a relaxed and calm ambiance. However, if you have simple interiors, then you can go for colorful rugs that will revamp the look of your space. For example, a home with white walls and curtains should have a floral and colorful rug.

By Size:

The custom size of your rugs will depend on the shape and size of the space where you are placing them. If you want to buy customized rugs or carpets for living room, go for a custom rug that is neither too small nor too big. Make sure that the front two legs of your furniture are resting on your oriental or vintage rugs to give it a balanced look.

Benefits of making your own custom rug

It will fit perfectly: When you buy a rug from an offline or online store, there are chances that it may not fit perfectly in your living room or bedroom space. What if you love the design of a rug but find out that it is too large for your space? That can be pretty disheartening. One of the best advantages of custom-size rugs is that you can get the exact size that you want. You can measure your space and get a custom rug made that exactly fits in.

The perfect material: Another great benefit of getting a custom rug is that you can choose the material. There are several times when we like the design and pattern of a rug but it's not available in the material that we want. With custom rugs, you get the opportunity to choose the textile and fibers it’s made out of. If you want a soft and plush look, you can get a wool rug. If you want a durable material, you get get a synthetic custom rug.

Your taste: When it comes to its interiors, we all want to buy accessories that match our style and taste. After all, our home represents who we are. This is why custom rugs are a great choice for those who do not want to compromise with their style. You can choose your own design, texture, shape, and size and get a custom rug made that suits the personality of your home.



How do you clean custom rugs?

When it comes to cleaning customized rugs, the cleaning process and method depend on the material, style, and design of the rug. If you get a vintage rug or custom runner made from natural materials like silk or wool, it's best to give them to a professional carpet cleaner so that the material is not damaged. If you get custom carpets made from synthetic materials, you can clean them at home via vacuuming and spot cleaning methods.

How much does it cost to make a custom rug?

The cost of a custom rug depends on the design or pattern that you choose, the material you want to use, and the size of the rug. If you want a long-lasting rug that gives a vintage and luxurious look, it can be costly but at the same time can last for generations. If you want a regular-sized rug for visual appeal, then it can come at affordable prices. The average price for mid-sized custom rugs can be anywhere between $200 to $1000.

Where to get the best-customized rugs online?

Visit the online store of Jaipur Rugs to get the best-customized rugs at affordable rates. You can choose from existing patterns and designs or provide your own design for the perfect custom rug that will transform the whole vibe of your space.


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