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In the past, designers often opted to use only standard sizes of carpets. But these days, many interior designers are going with oversized rugs that can be custom-made to fit any space. There are many reasons why they prefer oversized rugs for living rooms, dining areas, etc. Oversized jute rugs create an environment that appears more prominent than it is because they don't leave wall space unused. Considering that carpet is expensive, you want to make sure you buy the right one for your needs and not be stuck with something too small that will need to be replaced in a few years. Explore our extensive collection of oversized carpets available in many colors ranging from pink to grey rugs & in many different styles from shag to kilim rugs.


Shop Oversized rugs online at Jaipur Rugs France

Shopping for oversized carpets can be a hard task, especially when many stores do not have an adequate selection of oversized rugs to choose from. However, at our Jaipur Rugs France online store, you will notice that provide our clients with endless options to choose from. For example, you will likely find oversized round rugs, extra large modern rugs, oversized oriental rugs, oversized Moroccan rugs, and a myriad of other choices. In addition, our e-commerce store also has custom rugs, green rugs, and other rugs for sale. Regardless, of whatever type of carpet you are looking for to add to your newly renovated space, we have handmade rugs that are of quality.

Where to place Oversized size rugs

Living Room

Oversized rugs for living room are ideal for spacious areas. Given their abnormally large size, it is best to place an oversized rug in a larger-than-normal living room. It will not work well in a standard size living room because it will be too big for the space.


When placing oversized rugs underneath the bedframe, you can guarantee that their will be extra rug extending from either side of the frame. This can really add depth and perspective to your room because the rug is large enough to see the many patterns and colors it is composed of.

Dining Room

The dining room is also another potential solution for positioning an oversized rug. Oversized rugs in this space are best fit as narrow oversized runners so that they contrast nicely with skinnier table sets.


Using overside rugs outdoors is an adequate alternative if you cannot find a place to put it inside. The natural size of the carpet in conjunction with the many details of the environment will blend together effortlessly.

Conference halls

Conference halls are specially designed to incorporate an oversized runner effectively. Oversized runners are usually long and narrow and can make for a  prominent divider in big conference areas.



What is an extra large rug size?

The size of oversized rugs or extra large rugs is 360x540 centimeters.

How to choose the best extra-large rug?

When it comes to selecting oversized rugs, it can be difficult choice to select the right fit. However, the most common selection among our clients is the oversized jute rug. The soft, yet elegant nature of jute rugs combines nicely with their durability. Thus making it a favorable solution for many looking to add a new decorative piece to their room.

How to clean oversized rugs?

There are a few basic principles to keep in mind when providing care for oversized rugs. These rugs are naturally large in size so they will require a bit of elbow grease to maintain. You will want to ensure that you vacuum it on a weekly basis, conduct a daily stain inspection, and contract a local area rug cleaner to come to your home and give it a deep clean. Using a professional will ensure the dirt and grime embedded in your pile will be removed.

Rugs Price
aiwl-3010 gold hand knotted Rugs €12,110
taq-4309 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs €4,210
tac-966 red and orange hand tufted Rugs €3,000
tpl-55 blue hand tufted Rugs €2,500
taq-4309 ivory hand tufted Rugs €5,050
tpl-55 blue hand tufted Rugs €2,500
tpl-55 red and orange hand tufted Rugs €2,500
tra-13165 grey and black hand tufted Rugs €2,500
lca-202 red and orange hand knotted Rugs €6,190
taq-113 blue hand tufted Rugs €3,110
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