modern rugs

A good aesthetic is worth its weight in gold so make sure the contemporary rugs you are buying are striking before committing to the purchase! And what’s a better destination for this “sure-shot” purchase than Jaipur Rugs? Depending on the size of your room, you can find a variety of modern rugs that suit every need. Whether you have a smaller space or one with lots of nooks and crannies, these rugs are made to fit any style. Our high-quality modern rugs are durable and come in many textures like cotton and wool. From styling them as dining room rugs to incorporating a color punch with red rugs, they're available in all kinds of styles & colors to match your tastes!

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modern rugs

What are modern/contemporary rugs?

Modern carpet is an emerging style that is taking over many homes across the globe. These contemporary rugs are composed of minimalistic principles, a simple mindset, and abstract art concepts to inevitably create modern area rugs that are perfect for manageable interiors. Leveraging the new and improved contemporary area rugs for your newly bought home can support your progressive decorating style and provide simplicity.

How can a modern rug highlight your home decor?

Due to their simple, minimalistic concepts, modern rugs can highlight home decor because they consist of neutral-tone colors and subtle patterns that do not draw the attention away from the visitor or resident. With neutral colors and subtlety in design, modern rugs can transfer emphasis onto prominent artworks, standout furniture, and highlight other decorative pieces that would like more attention.

Things you need to consider before buying modern rugs for your  Home


If you are looking for a subtle rug that still has a personality, then consider modern shaggy rugs for your home. These rugs have elongated fibers that are frizzled and wavy which can pair nicely with tables, couches, and artwork alike.

Shop by room

It is important to write down and identify the current themes in your home prior to searching for a rug on Jaipur Rugs. This will ensure that you are browsing for the right modern living room rugs, modern outdoor rug, bedroom rugs, and more.


From a color perspective, a popular choice for owners looking to incorporate modern rugs into their homes are blue rugs. Darker shades of blue in addition to lighter shades with a matte appearance are more common color options for progressive, contemporary housing styles in today’s modern era.


Patternation is an important concept to keep in mind when selecting your next set of modern rugs. Modern geometric rug and boho rugs are common examples of what modern homeowners choose to add modernism to their homes. However, geometric rugs are the preeminent choice when it comes to adding abstract art and minimalism within a space.

Placement of Modern Rugs

Living room

Modern rugs for the living room are best placed underneath the coffee table that typically sits in the center of the room. You want to place this simple rug in the center, but underneath some type of furniture to add depth to the room while at the same time not drawing attention away from other focal pieces.


Commonly in modern-style homes, the bedroom lacks decorations. Therefore modern rugs can be an excellent element to spruce up the space. It can add value by promoting an easy transition to the space when entering from the hallway in addition to providing a bit of extra color to add warmth.

Dining Room

In the dining room, the modern runner rug is a first-line choice for the space. One can either place the narrowly lined rug on top of the table or underneath it. Both options offer homeowners the unique opportunity to explore creative possibilities.

How to Clean and Freshen your modern/contemporary rugs

Cleaning and freshening up your carpet consists of three main principles. First, do not pull any loose threads, trim them. Second, care for your carpet by vacuuming it on a monthly basis to keep it looking fresh. And lastly, be mindful not to spill items on top of your carpet. This can damage the fabric and distort the appearance of your carpet.



What makes a rug modern?

What makes modern rugs modern is their simplicity, neutral tones of black, white, and grey, geometric shapes, and non-distracting appeal.

Where to place modern rugs?

You are permitted to get creative when placing modern rugs. One can place them outdoors, in the bedroom, hallway, living room, or even dining room.

What is the best fabric for a modern rug?

The best fabrics for modern rugs are cotton, silk, and jute because they are respected for their durability, integrity, and sleek look.

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