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In the world of interior design, area rugs serve as an essential element in terms of décor. While they may vary royally in terms of color and pattern, it's difficult to find a rug that doesn't look stunning. It would be safe to say that any type of Living Room rug is usually a worthy pick for your home. But whether you're trying to create a contemporary look or simply want to give your living room some character, oriental rugs are sure to add just the right amount of flavor. As usual, there are numerous qualities and features that you should consider before buying oriental rugs for sale. Among the most important factors to think about are the design, color, and dimension of an oriental carpet.

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oriental rugs

What Are Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are a type of carpet originating in the Middle East and are often referred to as Persian rugs due to the popularity of their production in Iran. Oriental rugs often feature intricate designs and bold colors, with many standard patterns, including floral motifs, geometrics, and pictorial images. Typically, these rugs are constructed of wool, but some feature a blend of wool and synthetic fibers such as polyester. The most popular oriental rugs for sale come in shades of red, green, and blue, though there is no shortage of designs incorporating multiple colors. An oriental-style rug can make a beautiful addition to any space, providing color, texture, and warmth to the décor. If you're looking for something more modern, there are plenty of round oriental rugs and oriental runner rugs to choose from. You can even find oriental rugs online if you want something specific. With so many different types of oriental carpets and rugs for sale, you're sure to find one that will perfectly fit your style and home.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Oriental Rugs For Your Home


When shopping for Oriental rugs, one of the essential considerations is color. Color can set the tone for a room and can even be used to create an entirely different atmosphere in your home. Oriental rugs are available in various hues, from subtle to vibrant, so it's essential to consider the look you want before shopping for an oriental carpet.

For example, if you are looking for something traditional, you may consider an oriental rug with reds and blues or a green Persian rug. If you prefer something more modern, you might opt for an oriental runner rug in bold colors such as black and white or choose a wool oriental rug in pastels.

Whether you decide to go for a traditional or contemporary look, make sure to take the time to choose the right colors for your home. With so many options available online and in stores, there’s sure to be an oriental rug that will suit your taste and budget perfectly.


When buying an Oriental rug, there are many patterns to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional oriental carpet, an oriental runner rug, or something more modern, the selection is vast and varied. When browsing oriental rugs for sale, you will find classic patterns such as geometric designs, florals, and animal figures, but you will also find contemporary options. From classic red oriental rugs to funky green Persian rugs, modern round oriental rugs, or colorful runner rugs, there is something to suit every home and style.


Before purchasing an Oriental rug, the design should be one of your primary considerations. An Oriental rug is made up of a combination of patterns and colors to create a unique look that will set the tone for your home. With so many designs, picking the perfect one for your home can be overwhelming. Whether you're looking for a traditional red oriental rug, a modern green Persian rug, or something more eclectic, there's sure to be an Oriental rug design that suits your style.

Oriental carpet designs range from traditional to contemporary, with everything in between. Traditional designs often feature repeating geometric shapes and detailed medallion patterns. Contemporary rugs may feature more abstract patterns and modern motifs. If you're looking for something exceptional, many exotic rugs are available with intricate floral patterns, bold tribal prints, and other unique designs.


You also have to decide which type of material is right for you. Wool Oriental rugs are known for their luxurious feel and durability, making them popular. Synthetic rugs such as polyester and acrylic are also available and can offer an economical alternative to wool rugs.

If you want something to make a statement in your home, consider purchasing a runner or round oriental rug. These long and narrow runners or circular rugs add interest to any space and can provide a fantastic method for dividing a large area into separate sections.

No matter what type of Oriental rug you choose, make sure to find one made from high-quality materials and designed with care. You will transform your home into a beautiful, inviting space with the right rug.


When shopping for an oriental rug, size is one of the most critical factors. Depending on the dimensions of your space and the area you wish to cover, you'll need to pick the right size of an oriental carpet. Whether a small red oriental rug or a larger modern oriental rug, the rug should be proportional to the room and furniture to ensure a polished look. If you're looking for rugs in the hallway or narrow area, a wool oriental runner rug or even a green Persian rug may be a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you wish to cover a larger space, a round oriental rug or a large red rug may be ideal. You can also use the different sizes of oriental-style rugs in combination with one another to create an interesting visual effect. With many sizes and materials to choose from, including polyester and runner rugs, you can easily find the perfect oriental rugs for sale online for your home.

How To Clean And Care For Your Oriental Rugs?

Keeping your oriental rugs clean and well-maintained is essential to protecting their beauty and longevity. When it comes to caring for these stunning pieces of art, there are a few basic rules to follow. First and foremost, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are crucial to preserving the integrity of your oriental rugs. Vacuum weekly using the hose attachment with the lowest suction setting, and avoid damaging the rug's fibers. To spot clean, use a damp cloth and blot, don't rub any spills or stains.

For more difficult cleaning jobs, consider professional services. Professional Oriental carpet cleaning companies use specific methods and products tailored to each type of material to protect the dye and fibers of the rug. Depending on the size and type of rug, you can also bring your oriental rug to a dry cleaner specializing in area rugs. However, be sure to always check the label first! If it says "dry clean only," it must be taken to a professional.

No matter what material you have – wool, polyester, silk, or cotton – your oriental rugs require special care and attention. If you are shopping for a new oriental rug,  consider buying one that is machine-washable for easy cleaning. If you already have a rug in your home, take extra care to inspect and clean it regularly. With the proper maintenance and care, your beautiful oriental rugs will last a lifetime.

Explore Different Styles Of Oriental Rugs & Carpets Available At Jaipur Rugs France

Jaipur Rugs France provides a wide selection of oriental rugs and carpets. Whether you are looking for a modern oriental rug, a traditional red oriental rug, a green Persian rug, or a more contemporary style, you will find it at Jaipur. Our range of quality wool oriental rugs comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. We also have a selection of round oriental rugs, red rugs, runner rugs, and polyester rugs. With so many options, Jaipur Rugs France is the perfect place to find an oriental rug for sale online.

Where To Place An Oriental Rug?

When it comes to decorating with oriental rugs, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for an ornate, vibrant red oriental rug or something more subtle like a green Persian rug, there’s an option out there that will suit any space. Here are some ideas for where to place your oriental rug:

In the Living Room

Oriental carpets and rugs can anchor your living room's seating area. Place a larger wool oriental rug in the center of the room and arrange your seating for a warm and inviting atmosphere. A traditional oriental-style rug can also bring beauty to your living space.

In the Hallway

Make a statement in your hallway with a bold, colorful oriental runner rug. Choose from various designs, from modern oriental rugs to round oriental rugs, to give your hallway the wow factor. Alternatively, a more subtle runner rug in shades of grey or beige can make for a classic look.

In the Bedroom

Create a soft and inviting feel to your bedroom with a shaggy polyester rug. Place one under the bed or on one side of the room for a cozy look. For something more unique, choose an eye-catching red rug or pick out a patterned design to give the room some texture and color.

Whether you're looking for an oriental carpet, an oriental runner rug, or any other type of oriental rug for sale, there are plenty of options available to help you find the perfect piece for your home. With so many styles and colors, deciding which is suitable for your space can be overwhelming. That's why it's essential to explore all your options before making a purchase, whether online or in-store.



What Is The Difference Between An Oriental Rug And A Persian Rug?

The most obvious difference between an oriental rug and a Persian rug is the style: an oriental rug is typically more geometric, while a Persian rug is more floral. The other significant difference is the color palette. Persian rugs are made from wool, silk, and cotton yarns, which create rich colors that can be from dark violet to light green. Oriental rugs tend to be made from natural fibers like wool or hemp; the colors may not be as bright, but they are more muted and earthy, often with a hint of gray or brown.

How Can I Tell If My Rug Is A Real Oriental?

A genuine Oriental rug is distinguished by its distinctive pattern, which can be identified by the flowers, animals, and geometric designs found in the design. It will often weave the patterns in contrasting colors for a more striking effect, and some rugs have a border of braided strips around their edge.

Oriental rugs are made from wool or cotton and are often used to decorate living rooms or bedrooms. They are often expensive because they are so beautiful; however, they can also be inexpensive if they're not made with high-quality materials. You may also want to consider buying an authentic Oriental rug if you want to add some character to your home but don't have much money available now.

How Long Do Oriental Rugs Last?

Oriental rugs can last for decades with proper care. They are made from high-quality fibers and will not be damaged by water or sunlight. However, it would help if you never exposed them to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Oriental rugs are designed to withstand these conditions, so long as you take proper care of your rug. If your rug exhibits wear and tear, it may be time to purchase a new one. It would help if you also considered removing any stains or spills from the rug before bringing it in for cleaning.



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