red rugs

Red rugs are pretty much perfection incarnate, whether they are in a light or dark space. The color still pops nicely even on a white wall or provides just the right amount of contrast against an already dark room background. A vibrant red area rug can be the perfect finishing touch for any room. A red outdoor rug is ideal for blooming your outdoors to life as well. A red rug layered with multicolor rugs will instantly add that dynamic burst of color and personality to your space. From geometrics to florals to oriental rugs, find an extensive range of designs in red rugs at Jaipur Rugs.

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red rugs

How a red rug can emphasize your Home Decor?

Red area rugs have a natural vibrance that can radiant a room without any effort. The radiating color expressed by red rugs can authentically provide emphasis in and around your home’s decorations. These rugs are often coaligned with romance, energy, passion, and drama. Therefore, red rugs can really bring quality to any space. A particular way to use red rugs for room emphasis is by choosing a rug with a plush or shaggy pile. This can foster a warm and cozy atmosphere, while the red color adds a sense of fullness and liveliness to the space. In total, red rugs really can transform any room into something fancy, elegant, or modern, whatever piques your interest. Visit the Jaipur Rugs France shop today to learn more about our red rugs for sale.

Where should you place a red rug?

Living Room

Red carpet living room is a promising use case for the color. As previously indicated, red rugs can add a tremendous amount of life and vigor to the space because, naturally, the color red radiates and stimulates the eyes. Therefore, red rugs for the living room will serve as an effective eye-catching art piece that lays across your floor with fire and passion.


A red outdoor rug can be used on your patio, entryway, hangout area, or yard. More specifically, red rugs that incorporate other darker color shades will work well outdoors. This is because too much brightness from the red rug can cause overstimulation and takeaway from the natural beauty of the environment.


Red rugs in the bedroom are a spicy way to enhance the decor and feeling within the room. It can add a warm, inviting, and romantic aura that is designed to prompt comfort, companionship, and security between individuals.

Dining Room

With dining room tables naturally sitting with a dark color, red dining room rugs can act as a complimentary color that contrasts brightness and darkness within a room. Usually, the dining room table is the centerpiece and main furniture for any space. Therefore, a red rug that is positioned parallel, perpendicular, or at a diagonal can really invite others to join the table and eat a meal.

How to Choose the right red rug for your home?

By Shape

Pertaining to shape, red rugs on the Jaipur Rugs France online store are available as round, rectangular, runner, oval, or irregular. Different shapes are intended for different rug circumstances. Typically, runners are used for hallways, rectangles are used in living spaces, oval is used underneath furniture, and irregular shapes are stand-alone pieces that are effective on their own.

By Size

Our red rug sizes range from as small as 60x90 cm all the way up to 360x450 cm. Regardless of your preference, you can be confident that Jaipur Rugs France offers you a wide range of red rug sizes that can be manipulated for any room decor.

By Color

A red rug can also be used to add a pop of color to a neutral or monochromatic room. For example, a red rug can be used to bring warmth and vibrancy to a room with white walls and furniture.

By Pattern

An interesting way to utilize a red rug to add emphasis to a room is to choose a rug with a bold, eye-catching pattern or design. A red rug with geometry, stripes, abstract art, or floral patternation can act as an attractable centerpiece by stimulating visual interest in any room. Perhaps, you may want to consider purchasing a red oriental rug because it often has many unique patterns not commonly found in plain old rugs.



Are red rugs stylish?

A red jute rug is something that many individuals consider to be stylish. The soft, fuzzy, and durable feeling of jute combined with the platonic, exuberant, and exclamatory nature of the color red combine together to mimic luxuriousness and fancy.

Is red a good color for a rug?

Red, in fact, can be a great color for rugs. If you are someone that is looking to make a statement with a color that offers pomp, circumstance, and fashionability, then the color red may be your go-to choice. It can be an effective solution that adequately serves the decorative goals of many new and existing homeowners.

What goes with red rugs?

Red rugs can provide tremendous benefits because of their versatility to be paired with many different colors, styles, and furniture pieces. First, they can be paired with colors such as orange, yellow, blue, and green. Next, room styles such as antiquated, modernistic, suburban, and even rural homes can successfully implement a red rug into the confines of their place. Lastly, red rugs can really work well with any type of wooden furniture that is colored cherry, black, grey, brown, or oak.

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