green rugs

Our Jaipur Green Carpets are made with the best components and by skilled craftspeople. Our carpets are made without pollutants and with only natural dyes and vegetable oils, making them hypoallergenic. As a result, you may use our carpets with confidence and enjoy them for many years to come. Our carpets are simple to maintain and care for. We advise once-weekly vacuuming of the carpets and occasional spot cleaning. You can use carpet shampoo or call an expert carpet cleaner for more thorough cleaning. You are sure to find the ideal rug for your house from our unrivalled variety of Jaipur Green Carpets, Stair Carpets, Shag Rugs, and Square Rugs.

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green rugs

The most loved and pervasive colour in the world is green. For many interior designers, green is the perfect backdrop colour to amp up any space with a minimalistic flair. The green colour blends well with almost anything, making your floating furniture look anchored. Or mix and match green area rugs with blue carpets or grey rugs to get an eye-catching appearance.

A green carpet makes sense for a living room because it would contrast nicely with the furniture and walls. A dark green carpet can also bring warmth to a space when paired with blue rugs, black runners, and dark hardwood furniture. Green tones go well with all natural colours, from dark brown to white, as they are the most calming colour to the human eye.

Shop green Rugs online at Jaipur Rugs France

The colour palette we use at Jaipur Rugs is infinite as we continuously experiment with new shades and hues in accordance with industry trends and the colour that our customers love the most. It is one of the few ways in which Jaipur Rugs France keeps pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship, thanks to our network of rural artisans and weavers who are our stakeholders in the mission of preserving the ancient craft of rug weaving alive in the villages of India.

Jaipur Rugs acts as a platform to highlight their talent and hard work and present it on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring handmade rugs with love in India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving.

We also merge that with our current services and easy online shopping experience to make your shopping seamless. We deliver rugs to your home anywhere in France, free of cost, and if you need expert advice on any rug-related query, we are always there at your disposal. Furthermore, you can also consider buying custom rugs to showcase your taste and personality. 

Types of green carpets

When buying green rugs for living room or green outdoor carpet, you have to first decide where you want to place them. Also, you have to consider the existing decor style of your house or office. Majorly there are three types of rugs and carpets available in the market.

Hand Knotted

Hand-knotted rugs from the Jaipur Rugs collection can drastically change your space's appearance. Made by world-class experienced artisans, hand-knotted rugs are made by knotting more than 2 million knots (Depending on the carpet size). These rugs are a proper replication of luxury and fine craftsmanship.

Hand Tufted

As the name suggests, hand-tufted rugs are made by hand but with a tufting gun. A worker diligently draws an outline of the design on the white cotton canvas and precisely tuft yarns onto the canvas. This process doesn't need any special training compared with the hand-knotted technique.

Hand Loom

Most of our cotton cloths are hand-loomed using modern machinery and tools. The same technique is used to make hand-loom rugs and carpets. A worker places the high-quality yarns in the machine, puts the design code, and then the machine does the rest.


FAQs about green carpets

How much does green carpet cost?

Starting from €80 to €44,570

Where can I buy trendy green Rugs online?

At Jaipur Rugs France, you can buy modern green rugs for living space or green shag rug for your bedroom. For every budget and space, we have everything you have desired.

What styles of green Carpets are available at Jaipur Rugs?

We have green tufted rugs, green jute rugs, or you can also get green custom rugs for your space only at Jaipur Rugs France.



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Rugs Price
taq-622 green hand tufted Rugs €1,860
taq-113 green hand tufted Rugs €330
trc-166 green hand tufted Rugs €1,110
tla-4063 green hand tufted Rugs €830
qnq-10 green hand knotted Rugs €12,170
tac-8010 green hand tufted Rugs €560
esk-400 green hand knotted Rugs €620
top-156 green hand tufted Rugs €1,670
hlv-506 green hand loom Rugs €1,720
phpv-20 green hand loom Rugs €880
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