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blue rugs

The Jaipur Blue Carpet from our most recent collection is the ideal way to add a touch of elegance to your living space. You can develop your own own style by choosing from a variety of colours for our medium-sized rugs, ranging from light blues to deep blues. Additionally, the wool and cotton combination makes sure that your carpets and rugs are sturdy, cosy, and soft to the touch. For those that choose a more understated design, we provide a variety of white rugs and carpets. Due to their neutral colour scheme, our white carpets and rugs are ideal for bringing a touch of elegance to your living space. They also go well with any décor. Why not look at our designer carpets and rugs if you're searching for something a little more special? Our designer selection offers carpets and rugs in more striking hues and designs so you can make a statement in your house.

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blue rugs

There are plenty of options in the market when you are shopping for blue rugs. Blue is a perfect color that blends well with most of the interior and creates a minimalistic appearance. Whether you are looking for a traditional blue or a modern blue rug, we at Jaipur rugs have various options.

Finding an ideal rug or carpet sometimes becomes very difficult because there are minimal options in the market. But at the Jaipur rugs store, we have 10000+ designs to choose the desired one for your space.

Buy blue rugs online in France

Jaipur rugs France has a wide range of handmade rugs and carpets with an on-trend design and eye-catching colour combinations. From modern to traditional to transitional rugs, we have everything for everyone. With over 10,000 designs and 1000+ colour combinations to choose from, give your space a makeover with the finest art of handmade Persian rugs. You can also go with a blue outdoor rug to give your place inviting vibes. You can try blue jute rugs outdoors as well. You can also pick from kilim rugs and black runners to enhance the overall flair of your room.

Explore different types of blue rugs available at Jaipur rugs

When purchasing a blue rug, carpet runner, round rug or grey mats for your space, you first have to consider where to place it. Are you placing them in high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways or low-traffic areas like a bedroom?

Hand knotted

The premium quality hand-knotted rugs can have up to thousands of individual knots per inch and can take years to complete. However, this kind of creativity comes at a cost, as hand-knotted carpets can cost thousands of dollars but they last generation.

Hand tufted

Unlike hand-knotted rugs, which are constructed as they go, hand-tufted carpets begin with a pre-made backing material such as canvas or jute. This backing cloth is usually printed with the rug's pattern. A worker can then use a hand-held tufting gun to drive yarn through the backing material while following the design. As a result, hand-tufted rugs may be created faster and with fewer workers than hand-knotted rugs and are perfect outdoor rugs in France.

Hand loom

A hand-loomed rug is created when weaving fabrics are expertly handspun or hand-knotted on a loom with a unique design. Handloom rugs are created by jaipur rugs using a range of high-quality materials. While a hand-loomed wool rug looks lovely indoors, polyester works better outside.

Flat weaves

Flat weave rugs are the type of rugs that are made from wool, cotton or jute rugs. Similar to how textiles are made, these carpets are made by interlacing warp and weft threads. Because of its portability, adaptability, durability, and affordability, a wide variety of weaving patterns, styles, and colours have emerged. You can buy an outdoor jute rug for better style and functionality.


Patchwork rugs are very trendy these days. They are created by sewing together cut-off pieces to make masterpieces that can catch anyone's attention.


Shag rugs are known for their high and soft pile. The thickness and softness make these carpets look distinctive. Also, shag rugs are perfect for insulation and keeping your space cosy and inviting if you live in a cooler place.



Is blue carpet fashionable?

Blue carpets are always fashionable because they can blend well with any existing decor.

Where should you place a blue rug?

You can buy blue living room rugs or blue bedroom rugs for an eye-catching appearance.

What is the price range for blue area rugs?

Starting from €560 to €1,00,290.


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Rugs Price
tra-50053 blue hand tufted Rugs €560
aiwl-3012 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,610
pae-1198 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,610
lca-811 blue hand knotted Rugs €2,200
qm-401 blue hand knotted Rugs €7,460
pae-2711 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,080
pae-2719 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,870
lca-02 blue hand knotted Rugs €1,370
aiws-3006 blue hand knotted Rugs €3,630
pae-2244 blue hand knotted Rugs €2,840
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Jaipur rugs

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